Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Keeping Up With...Family (Quick Update)

I've been pretty absent on updating about the boys since their first days of school.  I plan to recap our Disney trip, but it is taking a lot longer to get to that than I thought it would.  I hope to start that later this week.  I figured I'd give you a quick update on how the boys have been doing since we got back.

AJ has finished about a month in second grade.  He continues to excel in Math (he got 100% on his first test) and reading (still about grade level).  He struggles a little with handwriting and spelling, although some of his spelling mistakes are because of his speech delay.  When he sounds out the word, he is using the wrong sounds.  He seems to really like his teacher this year and is doing a great job of playing with other kids during recess.  They either play a game called dinosaur or soccer.

Outside of school AJ is playing ice hockey, bowling and taking swimming lessons.  He continues to improve his hockey skills and will go out for the league team later this week.  I can't believe how quickly he learned to skate and learned the hockey basics and can't wait to see how he does in the league.  He also still loves playing video games.  His two current favorites are Minecraft and Calling all Mixels.  And he has recently discovered Scooby Doo and thinks the show is hysterical!

Daniel has finished about a month in kindergarten.  He has struggled a little adjusting to going to school five days a week, but I think he's doing better now.  He is excelling in reading, letter recognition and art skills.  He also struggles a little with his handwriting.  He loves his teacher and the fact that she uses a lot of music in the classroom.  He has a friend from last year in his class and has made quite a few new friends in class and during recess.

Outside of school Daniel is taking art lessons, swimming lessons and bowling.  He really enjoys his art classes and is getting very brave in the pool.  He will put his face in the water now, that is a big step for him!  He is also trying to squeeze in as many play dates as we can after school, he is a social butterfly!  He also enjoys video games and is really into Minecraft right now.

Zachary is the only one home with me now.  We spend most of our mornings going to the gym and running errands.  He loves the YMCA childcare, mostly because he gets to play outside.  He is taking soccer once a week, which he begged for but is not really participating in.  I'm hoping it gets better as he gets used to it.  Zak is also in swim lessons which he does with Dad.  He still loves to be outside all the time and has recently starting to really like puzzles.  He is also getting into TV, he enjoys Blue's Clues, Team Umizoomi and Calling all Mixels.

That's the quick rundown from here!  I hope to be back to posting weekly now.  Before I sign off, here are a few pictures of the boys.
Zak's first day of soccer - he's thrilled.
Everyone is ready for swim lessons!

AJ & Daniel at bowling

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