Tuesday, April 9, 2013

100 Mile March - Week 4

So I did it...I walked 100 miles in the month of March!  There were times when I didn't think I would make it, and the last week was especially tough.  It was spring break & my birth-week, plus we were all coming off illness & Adrian was off from work 2.5 days.  You all know that I don't do well when I'm off my routine!

Going into the week I needed 28.4 miles for the month, which was basically 4 per day.  The week started off great with 4.5 miles each on Mon & Tues.  That Weds was my actual birthday & I wanted to walk 3.7 miles in honor of my 37 years, but I actually had the time to do a round 4 & I was cherishing every mile at that point.  Thursday was my last kick boxing class for a few months (stupid golf!!) so that was the one other thing I was doing that week.  After that class I was able to get a solid 4 miles that day as well.  Friday Adrian came home early & the boys wanted to go out & walk with me while the baby was napping.  We did 3/4 of a mile together around the neighborhood & I loved it!  It was probably my slowest mile of the month, but one I will cherish.
AJ & Daniel walking with me
After I dropped them off at home I picked up my pace & did a total of 4.3 for that day.  Saturday we went to the zoo & I wore my Garmin watch & logged 2.7 miles of walking...which should totally count as more because I was either pushing, pulling and/or carrying someone for every mile, but I digress.

Sunday I had 4.4 left to go.  I didn't want to do it.  It was Easter Sunday. I had been eating crap all weekend week & not drinking enough water (since apparently wine doesn't count).  It was rainy.  But how could I give up that close to my goal?  So I did it.  I went out into the neighborhood & walked 4.5 miles.  I finished the month with 100.1 miles.
I did it!
It was a challenge, but a fun challenge.  I won't be doing it again in April.  Well, actually I am doing it again in April but I'm counting all my classes & converting them to miles.  I love walking, but I also love my classes & had to miss a bunch of them to walk.  I may do it another month, maybe one with a lot of races in it already.  Or over the summer when I won't be going to the gym as much.  We'll see, I will keep you updated.

Last week things got back to normal.  Everyone is back to school & their other activities.  And most important, everyone is healthy!  I had a pretty good week of exercising last week.  Here's what I did:
Monday 4/1 - 50 minute total body conditioning class, walked 1 mile, 35 minutes of zumba
Tuesday 4/2 - 50 minute spinning class, walked 1.2 miles
Wednesday 4/3 - rest day
Thursday 4/4 - 35 minutes of zumba, 10 minutes on elliptical, walked 1.6 miles
Friday 4/5 - 50 minutes of zumba, walked 1.2 miles
Saturday 4/6 - rest day (if taking the kids to COSI for 5 hours counts as "rest")
Sunday 4/7 - 5K race!


  1. I want to go to your gym. Sounds like it would be a lot easier for me to get into some classes. Plus, a personal reason I wont get into on here. LOL. So proud of your accomplishment. One day, after the half, I will do a running type challenge. I'm enjoying it too much to let it go!! Congrats to you!! PS...One day, we HAVE TO MEET!!!!

    1. Thanks Kim! My gym is awesome, although not perfect. I can tell you more about it on Tues & if you're interested can get you a free pass to come check it out. Our Zumba instructors are pretty good, there are 3 & they are all different.