Saturday, April 13, 2013

Zachary Update

Zachary has really been asserting his independence recently...and testing my patience!  He is into everything!  I don't remember the other boys being into so much.  His favorite things to do now are go picking thru our trash can (which now resides on the counter when it gets about 1/2 full), unrolling the toilet paper (unless the toilet seat is up, which it always is thanks to his big brothers) and climbing on everything!
Zak exploring outside
Zak has also become quite the little explorer.  Now that he has pretty much mastered walking & is moving on to running, he wants to go everywhere.  He loves wandering around in the gym and the grocery store.  He also loves being outside & checking everything out.  We have to keep a close eye on him because his idea of checking things out includes putting everything into his mouth.
Zak fought me on his nap, so I decided to tire him out  :)
This past month Zak also got his first haircut!  I was hesitant to give up his baby look but Adrian convinced me it was time to do it.  He had some time off for Good Friday so we decided to take all 3 boys to get their hair cut.  We went to our local Cookie Cutters & the same woman who did the other boys' first cuts was there & also did Zak's.  At first he was a little upset, but for the most part he sat still, watched TV & got a very cute hair cut.
The finished product!

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