Sunday, April 21, 2013

Daniel & Daddy Day

Earlier this month Daniel was able to bring Daddy (or another male relative) to school with him for a special party.  He was so excited about this day & they worked on crafts for it for weeks before.  Adrian had a really fun time seeing what Daniel does at school & meeting some of his friends.  They had snack together (donuts) & Adrian got a bag full of hugs & kisses (chocolate).

Daniel also filled in a mad libs style letter about his Dad.  They read some of it aloud in the class & the kids got to guess which Daddy it was.  I thought Daniel's was hilarious & thought I would share it here with his comments.  His answers are in bold & explanations (his & mine) are in italics.

My daddy's name is A.  - because his name is like AJ's but not totally the same
He is 55 years old (tehehehe), 6 feet tall and weighs 55 pounds - because that's the biggest number I know.
His favorite food is salad - he eats it sometimes with Mommy and he likes it.
My daddy is really good at fixing video games - when Zak breaks the XBox only he can fix it.
He loves to play with play dough - I don't know where this came from, Adrian actually hates play dough.  And since Zak has been mobile we haven't played much with it since it gets everywhere.
My favorite thing to do with my Dad is play Lego Batman - really Daniel plays, Adrian just reads from the internet what he should do to beat different levels of it.
I'm just like my dad because I am smart - awww!  And very true!
What I love most about my daddy is he plays with me - double aww!
It makes Dad happy when I hug him - seriously, I think I was in tears by this point.  Daniel said this answer because you & Dad are always asking me for hugs.

Seriously, how cute is that??  It is hanging on the wall of fame for now & will be put into some kind of keepsake book.  This was a great morning for Daniel & Adrian & I can't wait until it's my turn next month for Mother's Day tea...although I hope they don't ask my weight!  :)

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