Monday, August 21, 2017

Keeping up with...Family (Weekly Wrap 8/11 - 8/17 - Part 2)

Monday (8/14) We were supposed to head to Zoombezi Bay for one last fun day of vacation, but we were all exhausted after the weekend!  We decided to just hang out at home and relax.  The boys played a ton of board games with me and Nana.  They also played some video games while we unpacked and cleaned up a bit.  We headed out in the afternoon for a few errands and a trip to Graeter's for a special treat from Nana.  We had a nice family dinner when Adrian got home and played some more board games at night.  We tried to head to bed early (it didn't really work) to try to get ready for school later this week.
Tuesday (8/15) Today was our last official day of summer break and also the day Nana left to go back to Florida.  We got AJ up early (although not as early as he'll have to get up tomorrow morning) to get in the groove of back to school.  We spent a few hours with Nana before Adrian took her to the airport on his way to work.  We're always sad to say "see you later" but we're very happy she was able to come and spend some time with us this summer!  After they left, we got ready and headed out to Harcum for my Silver Sneakers class.  The boys are upset they won't be coming to class with me anymore since they get extra video game time there.  I told them they can come for Christmas break, LOL!

After class, we ran to Great Clips to get haircuts for school.  All three boys did great and we were in and out in less than 20 minutes.  Of course then we had to make a stop at Krispy Kreme for donuts for our first day of school.  We quickly came home, had lunch and headed out to meet the teachers.  We started at AJ's new school, where he will be only this year since it is only 5th grade.  He will have three teachers and all of them seemed great!  He is super excited his BFF Brooks is in his class again and that he saw a few other boys that he knows.  When we finished there, we headed to the school where Daniel and Zak will go.  Daniel is returning for his 4th year there & of course it's Zak's first (of 5 years) there.  They were all excited to meet their teachers and are ready to go for a great school year!
After running around, we were all pretty tired so we came home, played some video games, watched some TV, had taco Tuesday and a family game of Life.  It was a very relaxing night for all of us and an early bedtime for all as well.  AJ has an early wake up call so Adrian and I will both be getting up super early as well.  Hoping we all sleep well tonight!!

Wednesday (8/16) First day of school!!  AJ has to get up really early this year to catch the bus and he got up on his own this morning.  He's very excited for the new school year and we're very proud of him.  Adrian and I got him out the door together and then I hung with Zak (who also got up at 5:30 for no reason) until it was time to get Daniel up and ready for school.  After we dropped him off, Zak and I were going to go out and do something but we decided we'd rather hang out at home.  We played Life, Sorry and he played Minecraft while I did a few things around the house.
Before we knew it, it was time for the older boys to get home.  We waited for AJ's bus as long as we could but it didn't get here before we had to leave to pick up Daniel.  So Zak and I walked up to pick up Daniel and came home to AJ in the house already.  Both boys had a great first day at school!  AJ loves his new school and also riding the bus.  Daniel was excited to see friends at recess and that he knows a few people in his class as well.  They were both tired and hungry when they got home so after they told me about their days, they watched TV, snacked and relaxed.  We had dinner together and then it was more TV, a quick game of Life and early bed time again.  The days feel long when you're up so early!!

Thursday (8/17)  First day of school for Zachary!!  AJ struggled a little bit more to get up this morning, but we managed to get him on the bus in time.  Then I focused on getting Daniel and Zak up and ready.  We got to school a little early because I was helping in the hallways to direct students.  I did great dropping Zak off and saying Goodbye and went about my business of volunteering.  Then I had to go to his hallway, and I peaked in his class.  He was sitting with about 5 other kids, eating his breakfast & having a great time!  I lost it in the hallway and hurried to the bathroom so none of the kids would see me crying.  I didn't think I would be this emotional about sending him to kindergarten but I was.
I pulled myself together and went to teach my Silver Sneakers class, which was a welcome distraction.  After class I headed back to school to help out in the cafeteria for lunchtime.  It was exhausting but rewarding.  I got to hang with both Daniel and Zak for a little while so that was a nice bonus.  I was glad to see Zak and have him tell me he was having a great day!  I got home, had a quick lunch and was surprised by Adrian coming home from work early.  He wanted to surprise Zak on his first day of kindergarten.  We waited for AJ to get off the bus and then walked up together to pick up Daniel and Zak.  It was fun to walk home together.

When we got home, Zak was exhausted.  He dropped his stuff on the floor, grabbed a Gatorade & laid down on the floor.  It was pretty funny looking at him.  He rested for about 30-40 minutes and then he was up and running again!  Daniel was supposed to have his first soccer practice tonight but it cancelled due to bad weather.  So we had a nice relaxing family night at home with some games, magnet blocks & TV time.  Early bed time again for us, hoping we can stick to the early bed time all year because this Momma is tired!

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