Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Keeping Up With...Family (Last Day of School!)

Another school year has come and gone.  This year both flew by and dragged on.  It was an interesting year for me, but both boys thrived!!
It was a busy last day for all of us.  It started with Daniel's kindergarten graduation.  He learned a ton this year including the basics of reading and math.  He can add and subtract, read over 50 words and write pretty well.  He is excited for first grade but will miss his K teacher.  Change is always hard for him, so I think each year will be the same pattern.
Kindergarten buddies!
Daniel saying Bye to his fabulous teacher
After graduation, we headed to Scramblers for a celebration brunch.  Daniel loves their pancakes, they are bigger than his head!  When we finished there, the 4 of us went and did some birthday shopping for AJ since he was still in school.  Then Daniel spent the rest of the day playing and hanging out and ready to start summer break.
 AJ ended his tenure at Licking Heights West this year.  He will move to a different school for 3rd and 4th grade.  I was extremely emotional about this, even more than Daniel's graduation.  He is super excited about it, can't wait to learn more.  This year he learned a ton and improved in all subjects.  His favorite subject is still math, where he mastered addition and subtraction and moved on to multiplication. 

AJ had a busy last day at school as well.  In between Daniel's graduation and lunch we went into his classroom to celebrate his birthday with Popsicles for his class mates.  I also went and said thank you to his amazing speech therapist.  She has helped us more than I can express.  His teacher also had them make Father's Day gifts, so thoughtful!  Finally, AJ received a math award for being a math whiz!
Heading in for the last day at West
Now that school is over we are ready to start our summer!  I'll mostly keep doing weekly recaps of what we do over the summer, with a few extra posts in there for special events.  Stay tuned for a recap of AJ's birthday weekend fun!

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