Monday, June 22, 2015

Keeping Up With...Family (Summer Week 2 - June 6 thru June 12)

Our first week of the summer didn't go quite according to plan but we still have a lot of summer to go!  We had a really good second week of the summer!

Our week started with a family trip to Storybook Village at the Ohio Historical Center on Saturday with my brother and his family.  We had a great time meeting storybook characters, listening to stories, playing with sets and props from stories and checking out some of the historical things as well.  The highlight for my boys was meeting Pete the Cat, one of their favorite characters!  I think they also really enjoyed going out for ice cream after...or maybe that was just my favorite part.  :)
Meeting Alice
Building a house of straw for the pigs
Pete the Cat!
Tea Party with the Mad Hatter
Sunday we had another family day and took the boys to Zoombeezi Bay for the first time.  We had a great time playing in the wave pool, lazy river and play areas.  I also took the boys on one of the big slides that Zak isn't tall enough for.  We spent most of the day in the water, then finished up with a few rides and some funnel cake.

Monday I needed a day to rest and catch up since we ran all weekend.  We normally try to have one day of work and one day of play over the summer, but that didn't happen this weekend.  Adrian actually ended up taking this day off of work so the boys hung out with him while I taught 3 Zumba classes, ran to Kroger and did a bunch of chores around the house.  Yeah, that's a rest day for me.

Tuesday we all had our annual eye doctor appointments.  Everyone did great!  AJ and Daniel still have perfect vision and mine hasn't gotten any worse over the years (yay!)  I picked out new glasses with some help from Zak and then we headed home to play there.

Wednesday we met up with one of AJ's friends at Friendship Park in Gahanna.  We played on the play ground for a while then walked the nature trail they have for almost an hour.  We thought the boys would be tired after that, but they went right back to the play ground.  I had a nice time chatting with the other Mom while the 4 boys played.

Thursday was a big day for me...I took all 3 boys to Zoombeezi Bay by myself!  I was a little nervous but it went amazingly well.  They did a great job of listening to me and everyone stayed safe.  We played in the lazy river and at Baboon Lagoon for most of the time, which was fine with everyone.  We were there for about 3 hours, which is pretty much our limit when there is only one adult.

Friday it was raining all day so we decided to stay home and chill out.  Adrian and I also had play tickets for that evening so I wanted to rest up for that.  We saw "Once" and it was really good!  I loved the story line, the music and all of the actors.  I don't think I blinked for the entire second act.

So that's it for week 2 of our summer!  Pretty packed week with a ton of fun! 

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