Monday, March 2, 2015

Keeping Up With...Family (Disney on Ice)

So the past week has been rough on, but the boys have been loving life.  They have been out of school for 10 of the past 12 days.  That's a lot of days off!  Most of that has been due to freezing cold temperatures which makes it hard to do anything.  I've had to drag them to the gym with me for my classes, grocery shopping and even to the dentist.  It's been exhausting.  We also had three different snow storms come through in those 2 weeks so some of the roads are messy and hard to drive on.  And it's so cold that we haven't been able to go out and play in the snow.

But we did have a fun family day on Sunday when we went to see Disney on Ice Worlds of Fantasy at Nationwide Arena.  We got a pretty good deal on tickets & surprised the boys with them for Valentine's Day.  They were excited to go, until that morning then no one wanted to get up and moving.  We had a rocky start, left a few minutes late, hit a ton of traffic trying to park and our e-tickets wouldn't pull up on my phone.  We ran to our seats just as Mickey & his crew took the ice!

Lightening McQueen, Tow-Mater and the rest of the guys from Cars took the ice first.  It was pretty cool to watch the cars do tricks on the ice, although a little too familiar with the bad weather we'd been experiencing.  The boys really enjoyed this part as well.  My only complaint was that it was very short.  They are some of my boys favorite characters and they didn't have much ice time.  I know it's hard to drive on the ice, but it would have been nice to have them come out again in the 2nd half for another short time.

After Cars, Ariel and her crew took us "Under the Sea."  I love the music from this movie & really enjoyed the skating and performances for this.  The boys were less interested, but it still held AJ and Daniel's attention.  Zak started to lose it during this performance.  He was a little tired and he started to fall asleep so then he started crying to keep himself awake. 

Ariel was on for about 10 minutes or so and then came Tinkerbell and the Fairies.  I was worried about this part, figured the boys wouldn't like it.  I was actually thinking maybe we should do a bathroom and snack break.  But AJ and Daniel really enjoyed it!  I had to leave during this one because Zak was breaking down.  Daniel couldn't wait to find me at intermission to tell me how the story ended.

We walked around a little during intermission, took a bathroom break and got some snacks for the second half (pretzel for me & Adrian, nachos for AJ and popcorn for Daniel and Zak).  We also bought Zak a souvenir which kept him calm thru the second half.  He spent most of it like this:

The whole second half was Toy Story 3.  We all loved every minute of it!  We all knew the story and characters.  The music was fun and the skating was great.  I cried like a baby again at the end.  Even though I've seen the movie a ton of times, I still cry every time.  Again my only complaint is that this was pretty long, the whole second act.  I would have liked a little less Ken & Barbie and maybe bring the Cars out for another short skit.  But Ken & barbie were great too, so the show really worked.

Andy saying Goodbye = Me sobbing!
 All in all it was a fun way to spend our morning!  We spent way too much on souvenirs for the boys, but they are still playing with them over a week later so I'll say it was worth it.  I don't know if we'd see another Disney on Ice, we've pretty much seen all of our favorites now.  But we did see the ad for Marvel Universe Live coming in December and everyone is begging to see that!

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