Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Keeping Up With...Family (Catching Up!)

So it's been nearly 3 weeks since you've heard from me, other than a few meal plans.  It's been a crazy time and I can't seem to find my groove.  I'm not sure what's going on, other than the fact that things are just really busy right now.  Adrian & I are working a lot, I'm very busy volunteering with the PTO and the boys are busy with school & playdates.

We haven't had anything big happen recently, just life going along.  Here are a few updates from our past few weeks.

Well Checks
Zak and Daniel had their annual well checks last week.  Daniel continues to be my perfectly average child weighing in at 44 1/2 lbs and 45 1/2 inches tall, both 50% for his age. Zak continues to be off the charts & my largest child to date weighing in at 46 lbs and 39 1/4 inches, both off the charts for his age. And yes those are the correct numbers, my 3 year old weighs more than my 6 year old!!  The doctor said they are both doing great!!

Play Dates
Daniel continues to be the social butterfly in our family.  He has multiple friends that he plays with at school and we have 2 friends that we play with after school every week.  We also have a few other friends that we play with occasionally.  AJ has been making progress in this area too, having a few friends that he has play dates with as well.  We are looking forward to spring and summer break when we will have more time for play dates!  And we have been able to get outside!!  YAY!
Bubble Fun!
AJ and Daniel continue to excel at school.  They are both either at or above grade level for everything.  We will get their 3rd quarter report cards next week and I'm expecting another great report.  They did take their one "free day" off of school last week.  On Thursday they got up and no one wanted to go to school.  Adrian & I give them one day off per year, kind of like a mental healthy day.  They enjoyed their day of doing nothing.
Daniel playing during inside recess
Wax Museum
AJ and his class put on a wax museum last week at school.  He decided to be Dr. Suess for this project.  We spent some time on our snow days in February writing an autobiography about Dr. Suess.  Then we came up with a costume and AJ practiced a lot at school using his projection voice to recite his autobiography.  On Friday morning family members were invited to come in and "push the buttons" for the famous people.  It was very cute.  The kids did a great job of standing still until someone pressed their button (a piece of construction paper on the floor) and then they recited their autobiography.  Adrian, Zak and I had a fun morning and AJ did a great job!
AJ as Dr Suess
AJ & his buds from his class after wax museum
Mario Time!
The boys have recently re-discovered the Mario Brothers game we have for our Wii.  They are having a great time playing, even spent some of their allowance so we can have 4 controllers now and all play together.  I'm loving this as Mario is one of my all time favorite video games.  The only downside is that I'm playing a lot more video games and not getting as much done around the house.  I know this is only a phase and won't last forever so I'm enjoying it while it lasts.

Adult time
Adrian & I are trying our best to make time to spend together without the children.  We found a new babysitter so we got to go out on a date the other night and enjoyed our time together shopping at Costco and then eating at Melt.  We also had some time on our own with friends.  I had my retreat weekend last weekend and spent the weekend relaxing with my friends.  And he has gone out a few times after work with some coworkers to relax after their crazy schedule.

We have a busy 2 weeks ahead with my birthday this weekend, spring break next week and then Easter the following weekend.  AJ also has a music program this week.  Stay tuned for hopefully more regular updates!

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