Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Goals Update - September

September was a pretty good month, finding our routine with school in full swing.  We are super busy and I'm finding it hard to find time to blog during the week, but here is a quick update on what's been going on.

 Exercise Goals
1.  Do 13 races in 2013 - So I was signed up for 4 races plus a virtual race in September and I only finished one of them, the virtual one.  The foot and knee pain I've been having has been really bad and I finally went to my doctor.  She advised me to stop racing & see a foot doctor.  He told me I had blocked sweat glands "because I'm an athlete."  Best.  Diagnosis.  Ever.  He said wait a week or so and I can go back to racing.  For now, I'm just going to focus on the Fall 5 and 10 mile virtual race series that I'm in.  I'm registered for one more race this weekend, I'm debating that one as well.

2.  Exercise 5 days/week - I was pretty spot on for this goal in September.  I'm not going to go back and count, but I think I exercised all but a few days this month.  I'm really proud that I didn't let my injury stop me, just modified what I've been doing.
3.  Do monthly challenges - I signed up for three challenges in September:  one on Challenge Loop to move my body everyday, one on Facebook to burn 500 calories everyday and one on a blog to get back to basics.  While I met the goals for these, I didn't log them regularly.  But I still completed them so I feel good about that.

Weight Loss Goals
1.  Stay under my calorie goal for the day for 13 out of 14 days - Again, I was pretty spot on with this in September.  I think other than retreat weekend, I was pretty good with my eating.  I stayed under (or at least near) by goal most days.
2.  Lose 1-2 lbs/week - I weighed in at 210 this morning for a total of 8 lbs lost this month, averaging 2 lbs per week.  Yay!!
 3.  Get under 200 lbs by my birthday the 1/4 marathon the end of the year - I'm currently at 210.  Still determined.  11 lbs or bust!

Family/Personal Goals
1.  Declutter this house - I am eliminating this goal.  The house is in pretty good shape after half a year of doing this.  I continue to do what I can, usually one thing per weekend including switching out Zak's clothes, cleaning the pantry out, organizing the front closet and cleaning out the file cabinet.  There is just too much else going on right now.
2.  Read at least 12 books this year - I finished 1 book in September "Same Kind of Different as Me" bringing my total to 12 for the year and satisfying this goal.  I won't stop reading, will see how many more I can finish.  I'm currently in the middle of 2 books, which is rare for me.
3.  Take one picture each day - This has been a super fun challenge so far!  Not like I needed to take more pictures, but it is a really cool way to chronicle the year.  You can check out the pictures on Facebook.  Still going strong with this one, haven't missed a day yet, although some days are harder than others.  In October I'm doing the #sisterhoodshots challenge again, should be fun!
5.  More consistent blogging - I blogged here and there in Sept.  I'm backing off a little on blogging because we are just very busy right now.  I have stopped my weekly workout blogs because I'm not doin ga lot more than Zumba, so it's not that exciting to read about.  I'm still keeping up with the monthly blogs about the boys.  Hope you're all enjoying keeping up with us!

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