Thursday, August 22, 2013

AJ's First Day of 1st Grade

Yesterday AJ started 1st grade!  I thought I was ready for it.  I may have been counting the hours until he returned to school.  But then Tuesday night I all of a sudden freaked out.  I was nervous about him being gone all day, eating lunch there, knowing where to go, making friends, etc.

The one thing I wasn't worried about was his teacher.  We went in Monday afternoon to see his classroom & meet her & my first impression was great.  She is a new teacher this year (she taught for 8 years, then took some time off to raise her own kids who are in school full day now) so I didn't have any reviews from friends with older kids.  But her room looked great.  She understood AJ (that's huge with his speech delay!)  She answered all my questions & noted my concerns.  I left there feeling confident.
AJ in his seat at Sneak-A-Peak
Wednesday morning came & I was up bright & early getting ready.  It was a big day for both of us (more on my big day tomorrow) and I wanted to be ready.  He got up when his alarm went off and did a good job getting through our morning routine.  We were loaded in the car & ready for drop off!
Outside before we left (with breakfast still in hand)
I dropped him off & he walked confidently into the school.  I cried a little a lot.  But I had things to do & the two other boys to entertain so I quickly pulled myself together.  We actually had a great day and it flew by.  One of my concerns was how Daniel & Zachary would do without him all day.  Daniel asked a few times when we would go pick AJ up, but I think he also enjoyed the one on one time with me while Zak napped.

Finally it was 3:50 and time to wait in the line from hell the pick up line.  AJ got in the car & was all smiles.  He told me all about his day.  The best part for him was that it was an "A" day which means he got to go to gym class.  He has been so looking forward to gym class (they don't have it in K).  He said he really liked his teacher & his class and he is excited to see "what I will learn this year."

AJ also told me that he met some friends, including his new "best friend" who went to the bathroom with him & play with him at recess.  He also said a boy had a cheese pizza lunchable & they talked about their lunches (AJ picked a pepperoni pizza lunchable for his first day).  And he saw a few of his friends from his kindergarten class during recess & they all went on the swings together.  All of this brought tears to my eyes because we have been struggling with him meeting people.

When we got home I looked at his folder and he did some cool first day crafts.
His hand print with a poem - more tears!
Very cute book all about his first day
Everything went super smooth and AJ was so excited!  He got right out of bed this morning when the alarm went off and got ready for day 2.  Today was just as good and he was excited to learn that "B" day means music.  Can't wait to hear what "C" and "D" days are.  He's also buying lunch tomorrow for the first time...hoping that goes well.  He's very excited for pizza!!

I'm so proud of AJ and the wonderful young man he's becoming.  I can't wait to see how much he changes, grows and matures this school year.  Cheers to starting off on the right foot!!

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