Sunday, November 11, 2012

Zachary - 9 months

Wow, I can't believe Zak is already 9 months old!  He is growing up so fast!!  It's definitely faster with the third kid, probably because I'm so busy with all 3 of them.

Zachary has had a busy month again.  He has been really branching out on what he's eating.  He has tried tons of finger food & has even had pizza & chocolate cake.  He has also stood on his own for a few seconds a couple of times, well on his way to figuring out how to walk.  He is constantly exploring & getting into everything.  He loves to play with his big brothers! 

We did have a few setbacks as well, I guess he's human after all.  :)  He got pink eye a few weeks ago & then has had a cold pretty much since then.  With all of that we have had quite a few sleepless nights.  I can't complain though, he is such a good sleeper most of the time!  But boy was I used to sleeping, very hard to go back to being tired.

First taste of chocolate cake at a friend's birthday party!

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