Saturday, November 3, 2012

Busing AJ

So a few weeks ago at my book club meeting, one of my good friends was complaining about her experience with the school buses the past 2 years.  After listening to her crazy experience I said "I'm so glad we haven't had any problems with AJ on the bus."

The next Monday, AJ got off the bus all upset.  Since he only goes half day, there were only 2 kids on the bus ride home this year.  Apparently the other boy was going to be picked up from now on so AJ was the only one on the bus to go home.  He didn't like being alone on the bus, but still loves the bus so we decided to keep him on it.

Then on Wednesday, a minivan pulled up in front of the house after school & AJ got out of the back crying.  I talked to the driver to find out that since he was the only kid on the route now, it didn't require a bus & he would be on the van to come home from then on.  She also apologized for not giving us any notice, she didn't know until late Weds morning.  I do have to say, I love our driver!

I talked to AJ & he said he didn't like riding in the van because there was no car seat (Woot!!  Go Mom & Dad!!)  He asked me to please do "express" (pick him up) from now on.  So I talked to transportation & now I pick him up from school every day.  I figured this wouldn't be so bad since I pick up Daniel 2 days/week & can go right to AJ's school.  The other 3 days I would plan to go to the gym & do errands.  Plus the school is literally 3 houses away.  I can leave at 11:50 (dismissal time) & still get there on time...not that I would ever cut it that close.  ;)

This worked great...until Mon when I had sick kids...and the baby fell asleep 30 minutes before I had to leave to pick up AJ.  Oh well, AJ is super happy about it & most of the time it won't be a big deal.  It also makes it easier if we want to do anything together, we can just leave from school (like our Thursday lunch bunch). 

 Also, if I didn't pick him up, I might have missed this gem of a conversation (for those who didn't see it on Facebook or just want another laugh):
AJ - Mom, today is November 1. Why do they call it November?
Me - I don't know sweetie, that's what they decided to name this month. Maybe we can look it up later & see why.
AJ - OK. I think they should call is "Yesvember" that sounds nicer.
Me - (speechless) Yeah, that's a good idea AJ!
AJ - I like to say Yes instead of No, it's nicer.
Me - Yeah, I like that too.
AJ - Mom, Can I have Halloween candy for lunch today??

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