Monday, November 12, 2012

Daniel's Imagination

Daniel has been entertaining all of us with his imagination recently.  He comes up with great games to play & things to do.  He is also super artistic.  He loves doing crafts at school, church & at home.  I love seeing how much he can do & how is improving all the time.  He is getting really good at staying in the lines when he colors, cutting things out & fingerpainting.

His Halloween costume was one of his recent inventions.  He wanted to be a ghost because his favorite ride in Disney World was The Haunted Mansion.  But AJ was being The Joker from Batman & we all wanted to be "Batman Bad Guys."  Instead of caving to the family "pressure," Daniel decided his costume would be "A Ghost from The Haunted Mansion who Should be a Bad Guy in Batman."  Yes that was the full title.  Yes he came up with it on his own.

The Costume
Daniel also really likes to tell stories.  He comes up with all different stories to tell me during the day, usually when we're waiting for AJ's bus.  He also tells Adrian bedtime stories at night.  Most of his stories are retellings of shows he's seen, video games or other books.  But he always puts his Daniel spin on them!

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