Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thankful Thursday - New Additions

This week I am SO thankful that we finally got a second fridge!!  We were blessed when we moved in to our house to get a used freezer as a gift.  We keep it in the basement & I try to keep it stocked with both cooked & uncooked foods.  Recently, I've had a seriously overstocked fridge all the time.  I know this is a good problem to have & I'm also thankful for that.

A few weeks ago, one of my friends told me there were moving (closer to me, yay!)  They had a fridge in their basement that they were going to just leave in the house.  I offered to buy it for $50, she said sold!  Yay!!

This weekend they were cleaning out their old place & we went to pick up our new fridge.  We have it in the garage now.  I immediately stocked it with some of the overflow from the inside fridge.  I also put the 20ish pounds of apples we still have left in it so they will stay fresh.

I was trying to figure out why my fridge is always packed.  I don't feel like I over buy.  And we use everything, it's very rare that I though something out.  Today I realized what it is.  We are eating very healthy these days.  Almost everything I buy is fruit, vegetables & dairy.  All of that needs to be in the fridge.

The other positive thing coming out of the new fridge is that Adrian is so impressed with how nice both fridges look now, he wants to put shelving in our garage so we can split our pantry as well.  If he does that, I would feel like I have a whole new kitchen!  Hopefully I'll be writing another thankful Thursday post about those shelves soon!!

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