Thursday, April 6, 2017

Keeping Up With...Fitness Goals (March Recap & April Goals)

As I mentioned the other day in my Family Goals Recap, March was a weird month for me and my family.  There was a lot of stress, sadness and changed plans.  There was also a lot of sleepless nights.  I didn't exercise as much as I had planned because there were days when I just physically couldn't do it.  I did pretty good with my family goals and great with my goals for my classes.  But my own exercise and weight loss suffered this month for sure.

I'm struggling a lot this year with motivating to exercise when I'm not teaching.  And my eating is still less healthy than I would like it to be.  I teach Mon-Fri and do pretty good on those days.  Then Sat and Sun I don't exercise and I eat horribly and I undo all of my work from the previous week.  It's not a pretty cycle.  I really want to get a handle on it.  My plan for April is to do the best I can for the next week or so (until after Easter) and then that Monday get a handle on my eating.  I'm going to set a goal for Memorial Day weekend, the start of the summer & the end of my boys' school year.  I'm not sure what that goal will be yet, come back next month to find out.

Here's how I did with my March goals:
1. Lose 2 lbs/week (8 pounds lost for the month) - I actually ended the month by gaining 5 pounds.  That goal was a big giant fail.
2. Lose 1 inch for the month (1 inch lost for the month) - I didn't even both measuring this month.  I know I didn't lose any inches, probably gained some.  I will keep this as a goal for this month for sure.
3. Exercise a minimum of 30 minutes every day this month - I ended up exercising 26 of the 31 days in March.  Not horrible considering I was out of town for the funeral for 3 of the days that I missed. 
4.  Go to one class that I'm not teaching each week (4 classes for the month) - I went to one 1 dance fitness class, that's all.  I did end up subbing a Zumba class that I was planning on being a student in when the teacher had an emergency.  So I'll count that as 2 for the month.
5.  Learn 3 new Zumba songs to add to my classes (3 songs for the month) - Done!  I learned Guarachar, Shape of You & Hey Mickey for my Zumba classes.
6.  Switch up two circuits for my barre connect class for the month & add band work to class (2 new circuits) - Done!  I actually love the class right now, I won't be changing it up for a few weeks now.  It took all month of testing and tweaking it but now it's a pretty good class!
7.  Split up my Silver Sneakers exercises to teach 2 different classes each week - Done!  I teach 4 times per week so I have 2 classes - one for Mon/Tues and the other for Weds/Thurs.  It's nice for myself and my students to have the different exercises.
When I write it all out, this month wasn't actually as bad as I thought it was.  I accomplished a good chuck on my goals, almost all of the fitness related ones.  I just didn't eat well.  It's becoming apparent what I need to do going forward.  I'm honestly really tired and unmotivated right now, but I'm going to set some goals for April anyway.  Here's what I'm working on:
1.  Lose the 5 lbs I gained in March (5 lbs for the month)
2.  Do measurements at the end of the month & lose 1 inch total from my body (1 inch for 2 months)
3.  Exercise a minimum of 30 minutes 27 days this month - I've already missed 2 days due to travel and I don't want to have to exercise on Easter.  If I exercise every other day that would be 27 (27 days for the month)
4.  Go to one class that I'm not teaching each week (4 classes for the month) - I'm keeping this goal on the list until I achieve it!
5.  Learn 3 new Zumba songs to add to my classes (3 songs for the month) - I need to keep the classes fresh!
6.  Figure out which Zumba jams and/or events I will be doing in the next few months.  There are a bunch and I need to figure out what I'm doing.  I need a baseball schedule for Daniel before I can commit to anything.

I think that is a pretty fair list for me to try to achieve this month.  I'm a little late figuring this out so I have 6 less days to work towards these goals, but I still think I'll be able to do it.  Come back next month to find out how I did!

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