Friday, April 14, 2017

Keeping up with...Family (Weekly Wrap 4/7 - 4/13)

Friday (4/7) We finally made it to Friday!  This week seemed super long even though it was a short week for all of us.  I really think we're all just really worn out after last week.  We just barely got out the door and got to school on time this morning.  I decided to take the morning "off" and get stuff done around the house.  I got so much done in the 2.5 hours I had no kids.  I picked Zak up and he told me he was tired.  He laid on the couch for a long time after school, I thought he wasn't feeling well.  He seems to have bounced back, again I think he is just worn out.  We went to the Y for my barre class and came home to have family night - Jets pizza and "The Peanuts Movie."  Nice and relaxing night!
Saturday (4/8) started with me being able to sleep in and wake up feeling rested for the first time in weeks!  Adrian got up early and took AJ to his Brain Balance appointment while I slept in.  Then I got Daniel and Zak ready and met up with AJ and Adrian so we could all go to the Cub Scouts Blue and Gold banquet.  We had a delicious lunch from Milano's, watched the boys get some awards and won 2 silent auction items - a Disney gift card and a Minecraft video game & Graeter's gift card.
After we got home, the boys played some video games while Adrian got to work on our outside yard work and I worked on the housework inside.  We finished up and got cleaned up because we had a sitter and were headed out for a belated birthday dinner at Cooper's Hawk.  We had delicious food, short ribs for him and gnocchi with short ribs for me and split a wonderful bottle of sweet red wine.  When we were done eating we walked around Easton for a bit then grabbed Jeni's ice cream for dessert.  We came home to a clean house and the boys asleep.  It was a great day!!

Sunday (4/9) started early when Zak came in and woke Adrian and I up at 5am.  Thankfully he and I were able to go back to sleep while Zak watched TV for about 2 hours.  Then we got ready and headed out to church as a family.  We got back and did a few things around the house and had lunch.  While there my trusty washing machine died on me after almost 12 years of faithful service.  I knew this day was coming and we were actually getting ready to research and buy one this month anyway to avoid it being an emergency and low and behold, we had an emergency!
We headed out to swimming lessons at the Y with the boys where all three did a great job.  Zak is a little scared about going under water and jumping in this session.  I'm hoping that wears off for this summer.  Adrian and Daniel left a few minutes early to get Daniel to baseball practice in the afternoon.  While they were there, I had a guy come and power wash our house - it looks awesome!!  When practice was over, Adrian headed out to buy a washing machine - it will be here Thursday.

We finished up with a nice family dinner talking about things we would have changed about our day.  We did as much as we could around the house, pulling it together pretty well and getting ready for a super busy week ahead.  Adrian headed out to his second sleep study tonight so I was on my own with bath and bedtime for the kids.  I got them all tucked in and now I'm finishing up a few things around the house before sitting down to do a manicure and pedicure and enjoy a glass of wine!

Monday (4/10) Adrian and I were up and moving very early, which was nice because I got a few things done before the kids got up.  Then I got everyone up and out to school and while they were there, I was a shopping machine.  I went to both Meijer and Kroger and got more than half of my list done for Easter weekend.  I also did a few other smaller errands.  This week is going to be a marathon, I'm tired just thinking about it.

I picked Zak up and we came home for lunch and some playing.  We played a quick board game and then he played video games while I worked around the house.  Before I knew it, it was time to go pick up the other boys.  We walked up because it was a gorgeous day today.  We stopped home for drinks and snacks then headed out to the Y for my Zumba class.  We came home and had a quick dinner before Adrian headed out to his weekly basketball game.  We finished up our night with a little cleaning and a little TV watching.

Tuesday (4/11) We were up and running early again and everyone got out to work and school.  I ran a bunch of errands and am just about ready for a weekend of cooking for guests and Easter.  Zak and I ran to Giant Eagle together after school so I could finish up.  We came home and I unloaded and put away all of the groceries while he had lunch and played video games.  Before I knew it, we had to go pick up AJ and Daniel.  They wanted to play outside when they came home so we played in the front yard for a little bit while we waited for Adrian to come home.  When he got here, I left to go teach my Zumba class and run my last 2 errands.  I came home in time for Adrian, AJ and Daniel to go to their Cub Scouts meeting.  They picked up our winnings from the silent auction on Sunday and worked on finishing up their levels for the year.  Daniel also had the most surprising thing happen during the meeting - he lost another tooth!!  The tooth fairy will be visiting us tonight!  And AJ had the mayor of Pataskala visit his den to talk about his political career.  How cool for AJ!!

Wednesday (4/12) was a very fun but very exhausting day!  I dropped Zak and Daniel at school then I went into AJ's class to go on his field trip with him.  We went downtown to the Ohio Historical Society for the day.  I had a group of him and 2 classmates and we explored the whole museum.  I think the boys favorite part was the house that looks like it's from the 1950's.  They loved running around and playing with the toys that were there.  I really liked learning about Ohio history, especially the animals that used to be here and the Indians that lived here.  Since I didn't grow up here, a lot of this is new information for me.  I got to ride on the bus there and back with AJ which he really enjoyed.  I signed him out when we got back so he had a shorter day of school.


 While I was on the trip, my friend picked Zak up from school and took him to a park to play and then out for pizza for lunch.  He said it was a super fun day!  I'm so thankful I have friends to help me out!  AJ and I picked Zak up and we all headed home.  Soon it was time to go pick up Daniel and then head to the Y for my Zumba class.  We finished up there and then ran home to eat a quick dinner.  I headed to my church for rehearsal for our Easter program and Adrian took AJ and Daniel to soccer.  We finished up the night with a few games, some TV time and snacks.  I am so tired!!

Thursday (4/13) was our last day of school for the week thanks to a four day weekend for Easter.  We got up and out on time to school and work.  I taught my Silver Sneakers class and then quickly ran out to get to the last 20 minutes of Zak's Easter party.  They were just finishing up their egg hunt when I got there and then they played a few games and packed up.  It was fun to be able to go in and surprise Zak and spend some time with him and his classmates.

Zak and I came home and had lunch and he was telling me about what I missed of the party.  Then he played some video games while I started prepping for a weekend of guests.  I hard boiled 4 dozen eggs so the kids can color them tomorrow and also made ice cream cake for tomorrow's dessert.  It was nice outside so we played in the yard for a little bit and walked to pick up AJ and Daniel.

The boys finally were all home with some free time so they played their new Minecraft game on the WiiU.  They love the Mario world, although they are disappointed that we don't have the right controllers to play it as a muli-player game.  While they were playing I had the bug guy over for a home inspection (everything  looks great!) and also had my new washer delivered.  I was so excited to do my first load in it!!  And three days without a washer is definitely too long for us!  We finished the night with Daniel going to baseball practice.  He came home very tired because he ran a lot during practice.  We stayed up a little later than normal since there is no school or work tomorrow, Adrian only has to work a few hours from home.  We're looking forward to a long weekend with our family!

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