Thursday, April 27, 2017

Keeping up with...Family (Weekly Wrap 4/21 - 4/27)

Friday (4/21) started early when Zak came in to wake up Adrian and I at 4:30am.  We all dozed on and off for about an hour then finally got up to start the day.  I got everyone ready and out to school and then I headed in to AJ and Daniel's school to help out with some PTO stuff that needed to be done.  I finished up in time to go pick up Zak and his friend Noah from school and then head over to Noah's house for a short play date before we headed home for lunch.

After lunch, Zak and I played a game of Life and then he played some video games while I did a few things around the house and got ready for my Barre class at the Y.  We walked to pick up the older boys because the weather is perfect today!  Then we headed to the Y so I could teach my class.  We had a quick dinner of leftovers and appetizers and then played in the yard for a bit.  When we finally got the boys to bed, Adrian and I enjoyed some wine and snacks while watching some of our shows on the DVR.

Saturday (4/22) was a very busy day for us!  We started early with Adrian and AJ heading to Brain Balance while I started working around the house.  Then I took the other boys to soccer and met Adrian and AJ there.  Zak had his normal class and then AJ and Daniel did a make up class.  They all played really well.  And AJ and Daniel were excited that they were finally on the same team and with their favorite coach, Coach Cody.
After soccer we were all hungry so we headed to Red Robin for lunch (Daniel's request).  We all enjoyed yummy burgers (even got one for free, yay!) and the boys were excited to get balloons.  We headed home where they played some video games while Adrian worked on our landscaping and I worked around the house.  We spent most of the rest of the day doing that kind of thing.
Zak and Daniel did play outside some, even though it was pretty cold.  They were riding scooters around the block and met the kids that live behind us.  Zak stayed and played with one of the boys for a while.  I walked over and met the parents and we are all excited to have new friends to play with all summer.  It felt very old school to meet someone that way, I loved it!

Sunday (4/23) started with all of us sleeping in - I'm loving that the kids sleep in a little now.  We got ready and headed to early service at church as a family.  I loved hearing about Andre and Audra's time in Haiti!  When we came home, Adrian and I hit the ground running to try to get as much done around the house as we could.  We have fallen behind between our emergency trip to NJ and our jam packed Easter weekend so we are trying to catch up before summer.  The boys bounced between playing outside and playing video games.

We were supposed to have dinner with Adrian's parents but they called around lunch time to let us know they had to cancel so since we had so much time back in our day and the boys were having so much fun in the yard, we also decided to blow off swimming lessons this afternoon.  We continued to work around the house while the boys played.  Adrian took a break midday to take Daniel to baseball practice.  And he made multiple trips to Lowe's, including one to buy us a new dishwasher!  We're hoping to install it this week, I can't wait!!

Monday (4/24) we were back to our normal grind, but only 5 more weeks of school before summer break, yay!!  I dropped everyone off at school and then did some power grocery shopping.  I hadn't shopped in about two weeks and the cupboards were getting bare.  I went to 3 stores, plus refilled our propane tanks and dropped off dinner to a friend while everyone was at school.  I picked up Zak and we had a short play date at his friend Noah's house so his mom and I could catch up.

After that we got home and I put away as much of the groceries as I could while Zak had lunch and watched TV.  We had just a short pit stop at home before picked up AJ and Daniel and heading to the pediatrician for appointments for both of them.  AJ had his 3 month med check and everything looks great.  He is continuing to grow and gain weight and the doctor is pleased with his progress.  We are going to try taking him off one of his meds this summer and see how that goes.  Daniel had his 8 year well check and he is doing great as well.  He continues to be in the 50% for height and weight, but is gaining consistently in both.

When we finished up at the doctor, we headed next door to the Y for my Zumba class.  We were about 30 minutes early so we hung out in the group exercise room, the boys played on their tablets and I practiced my two new songs.  After class, we headed home and had a short visit with Grandma and Grandpa who were in to help Adrian fix the leaking water heater.  Hopefully that is done for now.  We had a quick dinner then Adrian headed out to his basketball tournament game which they won!  We finished up with some healthy snacks and DVR shows.  I'm exhausted and it's only Monday!

Tuesday (4/25) was a lighter day than yesterday thankfully!  Everyone got up and out to school and work on time.  After I dropped everyone off, I headed to Meijer to finish up the grocery shopping and then to my Silver Sneakers class.  I picked Zak up after school and we came home to play a game of Life - which he won again.  We did a few things around the house and then walked up to school to pick up AJ and Daniel.
When we got home, I started to get ready for my Zumba class in the evening when I got the dreaded phone call - Adrian was stuck at work.  So I cancelled my Zumba class and went into single mom mode.  I got everyone through homework, dinner and ready for Boy Scouts.  Thankfully Adrian got home before we left so I left Zak with him and took the other two to their meeting.  I signed us all up for the spring camping trip next weekend & day camp in June while the boys finished up their stuff for this year.  Daniel finished all of his Wolf requirements last night & AJ will finish up during the camping trip.  I accidentally volunteered Adrian and I to help lead/start up a Lion den next year for kindergarten boys so Zak can start a year early.  We'll think about it and see what we want to do.

Wednesday (4/26) was another busy one!  I dropped Zak off at school and then headed into West to volunteer in Daniel's class.  We thought AJ had state testing so I couldn't go into his class but the schools were having internet problems so the testing was postponed.  I spent a little over an hour in Daniel's class reviewing subtraction facts with about half the class.  Then I headed into AJ's class to continue working on the Math books I've been working on all year.  I got to observe them starting on one of their end of the year STEM projects - they are designing a mini golf course for the other kids in school to play on during the last week of school.  I am very excited to see their finished product!
I left school barely in time to pick up Zak and get him home for lunch.  It was a "no fun" day because I had a bunch of stuff to get done before picking up the other boys and heading out for a long night.  Zak watched TV and played some video games while I grabbed a quick shower, made dinner and packed up.  We walked up to pick up AJ and Daniel and then loaded into the car to head to the Y for my Zumba class.  I had a great time teaching tonight, I felt like I really hit a good groove!  Then we ran to soccer for Zak to do a make up class while AJ, Daniel and I ate on the sidelines.  After an hour we switched and AJ and Daniel had their regular class while Zak and Adrian ate dinner.  When everyone was done at soccer, we headed home for a few games and a little TV before heading to bed for the night.  This week feels like it's going on forever!

Thursday (4/27) started late because we all overslept thanks to Daniel having a rough night.  I somehow got everyone up and out to school on time.  I went and taught my Silver Sneakers class and then picked Zak up from school.  We headed to Costco to do our monthly stock up run.  As always he enjoyed all of the free samples!  We came home and unloaded, had lunch and did a few puzzles together.  Then we did our normal routine of him playing some video games while I shower and prep for our evening.  We were able to walk up to school to pick up AJ and Daniel and got home right before a rain storm came through.

I rushed to get everyone through dinner and ready to go to baseball only to get in the car and realize it cancelled at the last minute because of the weather.  We unloaded and headed back in the house.  The boys headed upstairs to play while I sat and caught my breath (and watched the last 15 minutes of a Real Housewives episode).  Adrian got home and turned around to take AJ to Brain Balance.  I had to turn in our fundraising money for baseball so I walked up to the field while Daniel and Zak rode their scooters.  Another busy day in the books!

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