Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Keeping Up With...Family (Quick Hits)

So there's been a lot going on here the past two weeks since summer ended and the boys went back to school.  Most of it is the daily grind of school, homework, Zumba and sports.  Not anything really news/blog worthy but nothing to be forgotten either.  Here are some quick hits on what's been going on.

 AJ continues to play ice hockey.  He has been going to hockey camp all summer to improve his skills and is currently taking two skill sessions with his coach to improve before he has tryouts in a few weeks.  Everyone will make a team, but they like to split the kids up evenly since a majority of our games are against the other 6 teams in our league.  AJ and Daniel will start bowling league again next week.  They are both such great bowlers and I'm glad they decided to join again.  Daniel will be starting boy scouts soon (not really a sport, but extra curricular so I'm putting it here).  He will be with a few of his buddies and is very excited.  Zak is taking ice skating lessons with me and will start soccer classes this week.  He is super excited!   Finally all 3 boys are continuing swim lessons.  They are all improving and I'm hoping by next summer to have at least one of them actually swimming!

I spent all of last weekend in training with the YMCA called Strength and Muscle Conditioning.  I passed the test and am now certified as an instructor in this.  I really enjoyed the class and am already using some of what I learned for my Zumba Toning classes.  I won't be teaching this class any time soon, but I'm trying to take it as much as possible so I can get a class together.  I will start subbing occasionally and then maybe at some point teach my own class.  I hope to continue taking training from the Y to improve my skills as a fitness professional.
Labor Day Weekend
We had a good balance of fun and work over Labor Day weekend.  We went on a bunch of walks around our neighborhood, despite the fact that it was super hot all weekend.  We also went swimming at the y pool for a while on Sunday.  And we had my brother, sister in law and niece over for dinner on Sunday.  The kids had a great time running around while the adults caught up and ate delicious food!
Family walk
Daniel & Isabelle after a lot of fun playing
Diet & Exercise
Both Adrian and I are back to eating right and working out.  He recently joined the YMCA and has been going 3 mornings before work and then once over the weekend with me.  I am trying to branch out from only teaching Zumba every week.  My goal is to get to one other class each week and do as much strength training as I can.  I'm thinking about starting to blog about my workouts again, we'll see.
Zak getting into the exercise spirit
Both boys are coming home with homework each night.  AJ has at least an hour every night, sometimes more because he has a hard time focusing on what he's supposed to be doing.  Each night AJ has reading, writing, spelling and math and Daniel has reading, spelling and math.  This is keeping us very busy, especially since our schedule is full.  We are trying to find a routine to do this but it's hard since every night is different.  I'm sure we'll find our way soon!
Daniel's homework for week 1 of school
AJ's spelling homework last week
 I think that's about all from over here.  Hope you enjoyed catching up on what we've been doing!

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