Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Daniel Update

Daniel is just kinda cruising along really loving summer.  He loves spending time with his family so this is really the best time of year for him...no one making him do things alone.  I'm going to have my work cut out for me when he goes back to school in Aug.  He is also fighting us that he doesn't want to play any sports in the fall unless he can play with AJ (which isn't possible between the age difference & the schedules.)

I'm glad I'm late on this update because the past few days, Daniel has been cracking us up!  Yesterday he found my brush in the couch (which had been missing for days after Zak stole it.)  He turned around & said "Mom, you need to be more careful with your things.  This was in the couch & not in it's spot.  You're going to lose it."  At least he's listening when I talk.  Today he had a straw in his mouth & I told him he looked like a walrus.  He said "I can't be a walrus, they live in the cold & it's super hot here!" (true story!)  Then when I went to get him out of the car I called him Mr. Walrus & he said "I'm not Mr. Walrus, I'm only Daniel."  So I called him "Only Daniel."  And he responded with "I'm Daniel.  And sometimes Jones.  But that's all.  Don't call me anything else." 

Daniel also totally impressed me today.  We went to a local pool and we all had a blast!!  Daniel was in water up to his neck, which is the deepest he has ever been.  And he tolerated being splashed multiple times.  At first he got a little upset about the splashing, but after two or three times he was laughing when it happened.  He even asked me to sit with him near one of the buckets that dumped water.  This is a huge step for the child who freaks out when a rain drop touches him.  I'm SO proud of him!!

Here are a few pictures of Daniel from the past month:
Daniel's medal from tee ball - He's excited to more up a league next year!
New haircuts!!
Monkeying around at the zoo
The deepest Daniel had been in the water (before today)

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