Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Color Run Recap & Workout Summary

Last year I was just easing back into racing around this time & my first race was The Color Run. I had a great time but since it wasn't really a "race" I wasn't planning to do it again this year.  But since I got home that day, AJ has been asking when I'm going to do another color run & when he can do it with me.  So when I got a discount code for Color Palooza I asked the whole family to do it this year.  Daniel wanted no parts of it (no surprising if you know him & his texture issues) so Adrian suggested that just me & AJ do it.  I signed us up & AJ has been so excited for the past 3 months.

We headed up to Road Runner to pick up my packet on Fri.  I was a little disappointed that the only thing in my packet was my shirt & my number.  If I had known that I would have picked it up Sat morning.  They also didn't have color available to buy, you had to wait until race day.

Sat morning AJ & I got up & headed downtown.  I was back & forth about a stroller & finally decided I should take one just in case.  I used our free parking again (thank you State of Ohio!) & walked the 1/2 mile to the start line pushing AJ so he could save his energy.  We got to COSI & met up with my 2 friends who were also doing the race with their kids.

The race didn't start until 10am & it was well into the 80s by that time.  We were all hot & sticky when we lined up but thankfully we were near the front & in the first wave to go out.  The course was nice, no hills!  But it was a little rough since I was pushing the stroller most of the way, usually with 2 kids in it.  AJ refused to walk saying he was too hot & it was too sunny. 

AJ did get out for the color stations & he says he had an "awesome" time.  I enjoyed the course, had fun watching AJ & the other kids get "colored" & enjoyed the coloring myself.  But it was very hot, the water stations were non-existent & I was sore all over after it.  It took us over an hour to do the 3 miles & then we stuck around for the color bomb at the end & had to hike back the 1/2 mile to the car.  Not a great day for me, but seeing AJ have such a good time I'd do it all over again next year if he asks me.

You can see all of our pictures here, but here are a few of my favorites.
AJ took this pic of me before the race - look how nice & clean I look
AJ the King before the race  :)
AJ in yellow
AJ with all his color from the 5 color stations on the course
AJ & I after the race & the color bomb!
Here is the rundown of the rest of my workouts for the past 2 week since I missed last week:
Thursday, 6/13 - rest day
Friday, 6/14 - 50 minutes of Zumba - 715
Saturday, 6/15 - 50 minutes of Zumba, 25 minutes on bike - 999
Sunday, 6/16 - rest day (celebrating Father's Day)
Monday, 6/17 - 40 minutes of TBC, 55 minutes of Zumba - 1,306
Tuesday, 6/18 - 20 minutes of Zumba, 60 minutes of spinning - 968
Wednesday, 6/19 - 45 minutes of Aqua Zumba, 55 minutes of Zumba -1,430
Thursday, 6/20 - 50 minutes of spinning - 568
Friday, 6/21 - rest day
Saturday, 6/22 - Color Run! - 643
Sunday, 6/23 - 4 mile walk with friends, 3 mile walk with family - 1,146
Monday, 6/24 - rest day, injured :(  I threw my back out early this morning.  It sucks!
Tuesday, 6/25 - rest day, injured :(
Wednesday, 6/26 - rest day, injured :(

Total calories burned so far in June - 14,450 (goal is 15,000)  I'm gonna try really hard to get one or two workouts in during the next 4 days so I can hit my goal.  But I'm listening to my body & not gonna do it if my back still hurts.

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