Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Zak's Rough Month

I'm a little late on this post because we've been super busy enjoying our summer. Zak had settled into a nice routine & everything was going along really nice...until the last weekend in May.  That week everyone got strep, including Zak.  He was miserable for like a week with it.  Then the antibiotic he was on gave him a diaper rash so he was miserable for a week with that.  On top of those two things, he cut 3 molars.  Lots of sleepless nights & snuggles with Mom & Dad for the poor little dude.
One of the few happy moments of the 2 weeks
Now we finally seem to be on the other side of all that.  We've still had a few rough sleeping nights, but it's getting better.  In between all of the crankiness, Zak has been having a blast with his brothers this summer so far.  He loves having them home all the time, especially Daniel.  He also loves to play outside.  His favorite things to do are swing & play in the water.
First time on a trampoline!

Zak has also started to master a new skill...walking down the stairs.  I'm very excited about this because in addition to my arms & back getting a break from carrying him down all the time, we will be able to take down the gates for good...yay!!  He still needs some more practice so that's probably a few months off, but I see the light.

Finally this past month Zak got his second hair cut.  I had them go much shorter because his hair grows really quickly.  Plus it's so nice & cool to have short hair over the summer.  He looks very grown up with the shorter hair, but I love it!!

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