Sunday, December 16, 2018

Keeping up with...Family (Weekly Wrap 12/7 - 12/13)

Friday (12/7) We made it to the end of another week, just barely!  The past week has been busy and tough but we all survived.  Today we got up on time and Adrian and AJ left for school and work while the rest of us got ready.  We headed into school and were surprised to find out that I was subbing for Zak's teacher all day.  We had a pretty good day together, and got to end the day enjoying a puppet show together.  After school we came home and had a little downtime before getting ready for our night activities.
I made us baked ziti for dinner and then Zak and I headed out together for the night.  He had wrestling practice and I ran a few errands while he was there.  He did really well and will be wrestling in his first tournament this weekend.  After practice, he and I headed across the street to his pack's committee meeting.  He did a great job playing quietly while I participated in the meeting.  While we were out, Adrian took AJ and Daniel to church for AJ's basketball game.  He played well and had fun!  When we all finally got home, the boys watched a show and then headed to bed.  Adrian and I finished a few things around the house, opened our bottle of wine and watched two comedies before heading to bed too.  We were both exhausted!!
Saturday (12/8) We were all up and moving early, the boys decided not to sleep in and Adrian and I both had early commitments.  He headed to the church to help set up the meal packing event at the church while I got ready for Zumba class.  We had an awesome time in Zumba and then most of us headed into the meal packing event, although they were just about done when we got there.  AJ and Daniel were able to help out to pack a few meals and the rest of us helped with clean up.  After the event, I headed home with the boys while Adrian stayed at the church for Crossover basketball evaluations.  I dropped Zak back off later for his evaluations.  Adrian helped with both the boys and the girls evaluations and said that Zak did a great job.

After all of that, we met at Daniel and Zak's school for their Holiday Happenings event.  The boys had fun playing games, seeing friends and visiting with characters while Adrian and I enjoyed lunch from the food truck that was there.  It was a fun family event and a nice way to get our annual Santa picture.  After we finished at the event, we headed home to catch our breath and rest for a while before heading out one more time tonight to see "The Polar Express" in the movie theater.  It was so fun!  I didn't remember most of the movie since I've only seen it once so it was like a new movie to me.  The boys enjoyed it too!!  When the movie was over, we came home, got the boys to bed and opened our bottle of wine for the night.  We enjoyed the wine while watching a few comedies before heading to bed.
Sunday (12/9) The day started a little earlier than we would have liked for a weekend.  Adrian and Zak got up early and headed out to Zak's first wrestling tournament.  The other boys woke me up around 7:30 because they needed help with different things.  We had a relaxing morning at home and then headed to second service at church.  After church we came home and worked on our to do list to get ready for another busy week.  Adrian and Zak came home and we found out that Zak opted not to wrestle.  He was scared when he saw what it looked like and said he needs more practice.  So they watched a few people wrestle and then headed home.

We spent most of the afternoon watching football and working around the house.  I am excited that the Jets finally won another game!  I took a break this afternoon to go to my friend's house for a craft party.  I made a "Home" sign and also won another small sign as a door prize.  It was a fun afternoon and break in a busy time of the year.  When I got home, we had dinner together and then got ready for a family movie night.  We watched "The Christmas Chronicles" while enjoying the popcorn treat that our elf brought for us.  It was a super cute movie and we all really enjoyed it!  When the movie was over, we got the boys down to bed and then came down to watch the end of the Cowboys game.  It was super exciting and we were both so glad that they won!!  When the game was over, we finished up a few things, watched a comedy and headed to bed to rest up for the week.
Monday (12/10) Back to the grind today after the busy weekend.  We got up and moving on time this morning and Adrian and AJ headed out to school and work.  Thankfully Zak slept in a little today, he really needed the rest.  I got them up and out to school and then came home and had about two hours to myself to get some stuff done around the house.  It's always amazing how much I can get done when I'm focused and by myself.  Then I got cleaned up and headed out to meet my friend for a wine tasting at Cooper's Hawk and then lunch Bon Vie at Easton.  We had a great time drinking, eating, chatting and laughing.  It was really nice to take some time to just relax today!

When we got home, it was time to get the boys home from school.  They had some free time then we started to get ready for the evening events.  We finished homework and AJ had leftover tacos for dinner.  Daniel, Zak and I headed out to my small group and enjoyed pizza for dinner with them.  The adults had a great conversation upstairs while the kids did a craft downstairs.  While we were there, Adrian took AJ to Scouts.  When we all got home, we started working our way thru all of the Christmas shows we have on our DVR with "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer" which seems pretty silly to me and Adrian but the boys like it.  We watched half of that and then the boys went to bed, Adrian and I had our bottle of wine and watched a few comedies and headed to bed too.
Tuesday (12/11) Today started way too early when Zak came in to wake me up at 3:30am.  I dozed a little here and there until it was time to get up but it's going to be a long day!  Adrian and AJ got up and ready and out to work and school.  I got the other kids ready and dropped them off at school.  Then I headed to Harcum to teach my 3 classes for the day.  I ran a few errands between classes and headed into Zak's class when I was done to volunteer and review sight words with the kids.  I was planning on taking the day off from volunteering, but Zak really wanted me to come in so I did.
When school was over we came home and relaxed for a bit.  Then I got everyone thru homework and dinner before heading out with Zak to wrestling.  He had a great practice and learned a lot.  I ran to Aldi while he was practicing to get another thing crossed off my giant to do list.  I picked him up after practice and we headed home for the night.  The boys played for a bit and then we got them ready for bed.  They watched the end of "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer" and then headed to bed.  Adrian and I opened our next bottle of wine, watched a few comedies and headed to bed too.  Hoping for longer sleep tonight!!

Wednesday (12/12) Thankfully we all got a great night of sleep last night!!  Adrian and AJ got up and headed out to school and work together.  I had to practically drag Zak out of bed, he was really tired after being up so long yesterday.  I got the three of us up and ready and out to school on time.  I was subbing all day, but it was two half day assignments.  I started the day in 3rd grade and had an easy morning with two trips to the library.  Then I was the music teacher the rest of the afternoon and had a lot of fun with that!  When school was over, I rushed out with the boys, picked up AJ and we headed over to our dentist appointment.  They got all four of us done and only Zak has a cavity that we need to come back for, yay!

When we were done at the dentist, we came home and started our night routine.  We had dinner, finished homework and the boys played while I tried to catch up on some dishes and laundry.  Daniel wasn't feeling well and we decided that he and I should stay home tomorrow.  So I figured out subs for my classes, rearranged a few things and set him up with water and a blanket to rest. I'm hoping whatever he has is short lived and he keeps it to himself!  We watched Charlie Brown Christmas as a family and then I got the boys down for the night.  I came down and had my bottle of wine for advent and watched some mindless reality TV.  Adrian was working late but thankfully was able to come home around 7 for the night.  He worked until almost midnight, but thankfully he was home so he enjoyed some wine and then headed to bed as soon as he was done.

Thursday (12/13) We all had another good night of sleep and I had a lighter morning since Daniel and I are staying home.  I got AJ up and ready so Adrian could get a little extra sleep.  Then he got up and ready and took AJ to school before heading to work for the day.  I dropped Zak off and then came home to hang out with Daniel for the day.  He rested and watched TV all day while I got a bunch of stuff done around the house.  The day passed quickly and uneventfully and before I knew it, it was time to walk up to pick up Zak and then drive over to pick up AJ after Model UN.

Adrian got stuck working late again so I had to cancel my Zumba class tonight too to stay home with Daniel.  He thankfully got home in time for me to take AJ to his last Crossover basketball game tonight.  He played really well and had a few great defensive plays.  He won the focus award for his great sportsmanship and cheering for his teammates throughout the season.  He wants to keep playing basketball so we'll see what we can find for him.  When we got home from basketball, we watched the Charlie Brown Christmas shorts and then the boys went to bed.  Adrian was still working so we watched the Chargers/Chiefs game while he worked and I cleaned up the house.  I headed up to bed well before he did since I have another busy day tomorrow!

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