Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Keeping Up With...Workouts (Recap of 6/8 - 6/21)

As I mentioned two weeks ago, I was on vacation last week.  While we actually had very good WiFi at the campground I chose to leave my laptop at home so I could unplug a little.  So I didn't have access to this blog to update last week.

We had a very active vacation since we were camping.  There were always camp chores to do.  And you have to walk to the bathroom.  Plus we did a lot of activities with they boys.  It was way easier to stay active on this vacation than our trip to Dallas
Our home away from home - fun but a lot of work!
My eating however was pretty horrible far from healthy.  I ate like it was my job this past week and I was hungry all the time.  I think part of it was dehydration, part was being outside all the time & part was not eating very healthy food.  I'm OK with the decisions, everything was delicious!  I ate all of my favorites including Wawa hoagies, pork roll, pizza, Friendly's and Kohr's ice cream.

Here's how I stayed active and kept my exercise streak alive the past two weeks:
Wednesday, 6/8 - Taught a one hour long Zumba class
Thursday, 6/9 - Taught a one hour long Zumba class and went swimming for about an hour
Friday, 6/10 - Packed and cleaned to get ready to go.  Daniel woke up with a stomach bug so I had to cancel my Zumba class.  I planned to do something else to work out but decided if I hit 10,000 steps with just packing I would count that.  I went over 10,000 steps.
Saturday, 6/11 - Walked around the campground and set up camp which included lots of walking, squatting, carrying, etc.  Hit 10,000 steps for the day so I counted it.
Sunday, 6/12 -  Walked around the campground and played with the kids on the play ground for about 30 minutes
Monday, 6/13 - Walked around Six Flags for about five hours
Tuesday, 6/14 - Walked on the beach and played in the water there for about two hours
Wednesday, 6/15 - Walked around Six Flags for about five hours
Thursday, 6/16 - Walked on the beach and the boardwalk for about three hours
Friday, 6/17 - Walked around my aunt's campground for over an hour plus some swimming and some fun running around the water spray park there
Saturday, 6/18 - Went for a short walk around our camp ground.  I planned to go for a walk around the bay at my uncle's house too but I was really tired by this day.
Sunday, 6/19 - Broke camp which included a lot of walking, squatting, carrying, etc.  Hit 10,000 steps for the day so I counted it.
Monday, 6/20 - Taught a one hour Zumba class and unpacked about half of our stuff
Tuesday, 6/21 - Taught 2 one hour Silver Sneakers classic classes

Not surprising when I weighed in this morning I gained 5 pounds over the two weeks.  I was hoping that all of that activity cancelled out the bad eating (and I'm sure it did cancel out some!)  But it wasn't enough.  I'm committed to tracking calories, working out and eating healthy for the next five weeks before we get ready to head to Tennessee for trip number three of the year!!

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