Monday, October 19, 2015

Keeping Up With...Family (Columbus Day Weekend)

Wow, what a busy weekend we had!  It started Friday afternoon with a play date for the boys.  Daniel has really been missing hanging out with his friends since he is in school all day.  I picked up his friends from school and brought 5 boys (my 3 and 2 friends) back home to play.  Thankfully it was nice enough for them to be outside...they had a TON of energy!  Everyone had a great time playing.  Then I got my turn for a "play date" and went out to dinner with a few friends.  It was technically a PTO meeting and we got a lot done, but we also ate, drank and chatted which is always fun!

Saturday started with our normal schedule of swim lessons for the boys and me teaching a Zumba class.  Everyone was at the YMCA for the morning and I got to watch a little of swimming before my class started.  And then about 20 minutes into class I saw a commotion near the door and there were my 4 guys watching class.  So sweet!  After we finished up there, I won wife of the year and took AJ to hockey practice so Adrian could watch the OSU game.

Saturday night we had our first Broadway in Columbus play for the season.  We saw Kinky Boots and it was really good!  We really enjoyed everything about the performance, from the writing of the story to the songs by Cyndi Lauper (love her!) to the actors in the show.  It was all great!  The boys also had a fun night because Grandma, Great Grandma & Aunt Jackie came in to watch them.

Sunday morning we headed to Lynd's for our first trip into the corn maze for the season.  We got there early and played on the dirt mountain and in the play area while waiting for my brother and his family to meet up with us.  It was soon apparent it would be a very crowded day at the farm!  We got our tickets and headed into the Machu Pichu Survivor themed maze.

This year's maze was probably the hardest one we have done so far!  There were a ton of different ways to go and lots of dead ends.  We did eventually find all 9 of the etching plates and completed their corn maze challenge for the 5th year in a row.  We all enjoyed a piece of candy after the 2 hours we spent in the maze!
When we came out of the maze, the place was jam packed with people.  There were lines everywhere!  Thankfully we did everything we wanted before we went in.  The boys spent a little more time in the play area, then we headed out to grab lunch and head home for the rest of the day.  Before we headed out, we grabbed our annual pumpkin shots.

Normally this is where our weekend would end but since this was Columbus Day weekend, Adrian had Monday off.  Now this is our new favorite holiday because while he was off, the kids all had to go to school!  Granted we only had about 2 hours where all 3 were gone, but we made the best of it by going out to lunch, running a few errands & just spending the time together.  And we realized we get to do it all over again for Veterans Day!
What a fun filled weekend and a great way to kick off our fall family events!!

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