Sunday, October 25, 2015

Keeping Up With...Family (Boo at the Zoo)

Last weekend we braved the cold weather and headed to the zoo for the annual "Boo at the Zoo."  We really could have lived without this event on our calendar this year, but we also really wanted to go ride the rides one more time before they close for the season.

As in most years past, we were kind of disappointed in the actual "Boo" part.  There were only 7 treat stations.  I understand it is a lot of money to give out candy to all the people who come to the zoo but this seemed really light.  The boys didn't seem to care, they were happy running around in their costumes and riding all the rides.
We rode all of our favorites, the roller coaster twice in a row, the whirly-gigs (tilt a whirl), the frog hopper 10 times (at least), the train ride, safari stampede, the swings, etc.  Between the weather and the time of year, there were very few people riding the rides so we were on and off everything very quickly.  The most we waited was when staff were switching off who was running the ride.
The one thing that we did that was "Boo" related was watch the Superhero show.  The boys were very excited to see some of their favorites live.  This year is was Spiderman, Black Widow, Capt America and Antman against Green Goblin.  It was kind of cheesy and they have a few technical difficulties, but the boys LOVED it.  They were smiling and cheering thru the whole show.  Zak was especially cute, sitting with a huge smile on his face and clapping like crazy.  The boys also liked talking to the characters after the show.  Black Widow asked AJ "Hulk!  Where were you?  We needed your help today!!"
While it wasn't my favorite trip to the zoo, it was nice to spend the day together as a family.  And it is always fun to ride rides.  Next year we are hoping to renew our gold passes to the zoo.  While we didn't go to Zoombeezi Bay as much as we would have liked (mostly because of bad weather, not lack of trying), we definitely got our moneys worth.  And the boys are already asking when we can go ride the rides again.  Hoping Zak makes some of the bigger rides next year, he is dying to go on the coaster!

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