Sunday, August 2, 2015

Keeping Up With...Family (Summer Week 7 - July 11 thru 17)

You would think after our ridiculous busy Friday we would want to have a calm weekend.  But that's not how we vacation.  We spent Saturday and Sunday in Holiday World and Splashing Safari.  We had a bit of a rough start on Saturday but pulled it together and had a great time.  We started out with the rides we knew we absolutely wanted to do, the log flume and the river raft ride.  Then we headed to the water park, which was jam packed!  After we spent most of the (100 degree) day in the water we finished out the day on the small rides in the Christmas section of the park.

Sunday was much smoother.  We got there before the park opened and AJ and I ran right to one of the big roller coasters.  We got right on the second train of the day on The Legend and then met up with the others to do some of the other dry rides.  AJ and I broke off again a few hours later and rode my favorite ride of the weekend, The Voyage.  We ate lunch in kiddie land (way less crowded!) and then headed to the water park again.  We cooled off for a few hours over there then headed back to finish up the few dry rides we had.  AJ and I finished the day with our third roller coaster, The Raven.
Ready for the day to start!
Zak's favorite area in the water park and my favorite coaster in the background
Holiday World was a lot of fun and was great for our boys.  There were enough rides for everyone to have fun.  I liked that the water park was included and we could bounce back and forth to cool off in the middle of the day.  It was a little disappointing that Daniel couldn't ride any of the coasters.  He was a little disappointed but was also excited that he was able to ride a lot of rides in the water park, way more than he can here in Columbus.
The Mammoth - awesome water coaster!
Monday morning was the end of vacation.  We played a few more rounds of mini golf while Adrian broke camp and we headed east toward Ohio.  We hit horrible weather and traffic on our way home and it took us forever to back.  We were very thankful to make it home safely and all pretty much collapsed when we got home.

Tuesday Adrian and I took the day off from work because we were really worn out from the weekend and especially the very long drive home.  We spent the day trying to unpack, relax and get situated.  We also had water in our basement and a computer virus to deal with.  Not awesome things to come home to.
Mountain of laundry!

The rest of the week we spent in vacation hangover.  I tried to motivate the boys to go out and do something, but everyone was very lazy and just wanted to have stay home days.  It was kind of nice for me to relax a little and get caught up on laundry and a few other things around the house.  We were supposed to go to the rib fest on Friday night, but ended up just picking up ribs and staying home watching our DVR so we could turn off cable ASAP.

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