Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Keeping Up With...Family (Summer Week 11 - Aug 8 thru Aug 14)

With only my Mom left here visiting we didn't let that slow us down.  We started our weekend out by heading out to the Dayton area to spend the day in the pool and the amazing back yard of Sarah's parents.  We had a great time swimming, playing in the yard and (of course) eating yummy food!  It was a very relaxing day and nice to get to know Sarah's parents and sister even better.

Sunday we did one of my Mom's only requests for her trip out here...fruit picking.  We headed out to Utica to pick peaches and apples at our favorite farm, Legend Hills.  We had to work hard to get the peaches since they don't have that many due to another horribly cold winter here, but we the ones we got are delicious.  The apples were plentiful and we easily filled our bags with them.  After a quick stop at their market, we headed over to The Olde Mill Inn for some Velvet ice cream.

Monday we started to get back into our routines.  Adrian worked and I taught my classes.  I also scheduled dentist (for Daniel) and doctor (for AJ) appointments that day so I could only bring one kid with me.  I ran around like crazy all day, but the boys enjoyed their time with Nana at home.  We also all went out to lunch at Daniel's favorite restaurant, Scramblers.  And my Mom spent the day cooking an Italian feast of sauce with sausage, meatballs and pasta for dinner.

Tuesday was a sad day when we had to take my Mom to the airport.  The boys were upset to see her go, but we bounced back by having a play date with their friends that afternoon.  They spent the day playing in the yard with Nathan and Alex while I caught up with their Mom.  It was a nice distraction from the fact that my Mom left and our summer fun was just about over.

Wednesday we were going to play with other friends, but the boys asked to stay home and relax for the day so we did.  I think they needed that after a very busy two weeks of people around.  Thursday morning we were very lazy too before I dropped AJ off at his buddy's house for a play date and Daniel off at his buddy's house for a play date.  While they had a blast playing, Zak and I ran some errands and got a taste of what life will be like when they go back to school.

Friday morning we had friends over again and the boys had a great time enjoying the weather and playing in the yard.  And I once again enjoyed catching up with the other moms.  I was going to try to plan some big events for us since the summer was almost over, but honestly they won't have a lot of time to play with their friends once school starts next week so I think this was just as important, if not more so.

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