Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Keeping Up With...Family (Week 7 - The Fair!)

This week was a weird mix of ordinary and amazing!  The week started with our normal summer things, bowling camp for the boys on Monday and art class for them on Tuesday.  Then Thursday we had to bowl again, to pre bowl because we would miss the following week and run a bunch of errands.  That was the normal party of the week.

Wednesday was one of the amazing days.  We went to the Ohio State Fair!  Every year Adrian takes a day off during fair week so we can all go together as a family.  We got there right when it opened this year, even before the rides were open.  AJ declared the order of the day was to see animals, ride rides, eat food and repeat.  Sounded good to me!

We started the day in the children's area, where there is a Lego display, games and stuff to play with from the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts and a few other demos to see.  It was fun to check that stuff out before the fair got too crowded.  When we finished in there we decided to head to the ride area to be the first in line.

We all got ride wrist bands and definitely got our money's worth from them.  We rode pretty much everything in kiddie land and a few of the bigger rides as well.  The boys had a great time running from ride to ride and Adrian and I got on whatever we could with them.  I think everyone's favorite was the Giant Slide.

Under the food category, we pretty much did it all.  We shared fries, fried Oreos, 2 funnel cakes, fried Buckeyes, hot dogs, sausages and pork on a stick.  It was fun to get a bunch of different things and share it all.  I ate a bunch but didn't feel like I was going to explode when we were leaving.  Much better than other years!

We didn't see many animals, but we did a few other areas we haven't done in past years.  We went thru the Ag building where the boys got to milk a cow, drive a tractor and see baby chicks.  We also walked thru the nature center while it rained in the middle of the day.  We saw some animals back there are were going to fish, but it wasn't open because of the storm coming thru.

It was a really fun day at the fair!  It was the first time in a few years that we went without a big group of extended family.  That was both good and bad in my opinion.  I missed having the family with us and having fun with all of them.  But it was nice to just have to keep ourselves together.  Hoping we'll have a big group again next year!

Here are some of the picture highlights from the day:
Tilt a Whirl Selfie
Tilt a Whirl Selfie
AJ milking the cow
Driving the tractor
Funnel cake!!
Happy guys on a ride
Fried Buckeyes - my favorite!!
The week ended with an amazing trip to Chicago which I recapped yesterday.  All in all another great week in the books!

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