Monday, October 15, 2012

1/2 Marathon Training - Weeks 16-19

So those of you that have been following along have probably noticed that I haven't done an update about my training in awhile.  There are 2 reasons for that.  First, there hasn't been time. Since Aug I have had school start, Disney World trip, Mom's retreat weekend, Carl & Sarah's wedding, marathon training & fall activities.  I hope to blog about all of those one day, but realize that may never happen.

The second reason I haven't blogged is because I haven't been thrilled with my training recently.  I'm still walking, just not as much as I should.  I have many excuses, and there have been a lot of schedule disruptions, but the honest truth is I just haven't been getting it done.  I did do two 10 mile walks, which were exciting for me since they are my only ever double digit walks.  I have also got to walk with a lot of my friends recently, sometimes less miles or slower than my training plan suggested, but I will always take the great company over the training plan.

So now I'm just 6 days from the big day and I am feeling pretty much every emotion.  I'm first off excited...I'm going to walk a 1/2 marathon!!!  That is so cool.  And so many friends will be there with me at the finish line.  I'm also very proud.  A different Christa (like the one I knew 6 months ago) would have quit when all the disruptions started happening.  And of course I'm nervous...hello, it's 13.1 miles.  I have never even come close to walking that far!

I also have an injury I'm dealing with.  A few weeks ago after my first 10 mile walk, behind my right knee started to hurt.  I kept stretching & ignoring it, hoping it would go away.  It hasn't.  In my last training walk this past Sat (6 miles) it started to hurt again around mile 4.  When I finally finished up the 6, I went straight to medical (so thankful my Marathoners in Training group offers this!) & got a plan for the week.  The plan is to walk 2-3 miles every day & stretch...A LOT!  The therapist showed me some really good stretches.  She also suggested new shoes, which I had also realized I needed to get.  Sat I went & got the shoes & did a bunch of stretching.  Sun I cleaned all day & kept stretching throughout the day.  Today I walked 3 miles & have been stretching all day.  As of now, I feel great.  Hoping I stay that way for the next 7 days!

I'll do one final recap next week after the race.  Thank you all in advance for all the love & support you have given me through this training.  I could NEVER have done this alone.

My new shoes - they are pink & I love them!

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  1. Christa---I am SO proud of you! I cannot wait to see you cross that finish line on Sunday! You will do GREAT!