Thursday, October 18, 2012

AJ Update

Since I've missed the past few months, I thought I'd just give you a quick update on AJ & hopefully one on Daniel tomorrow.  There have been 3 big things that happened for AJ the past few months:  school, the trip to Disney World & being a ring bearer in Uncle Carl's wedding.

AJ seems to be doing great in Kindergarten & I'm amazed with how much he's learning.  We have parent teacher conferences next week so I'll have a more accurate picture of his first 2 months then.  He loves doing his math homework every night (no surprise there since Adrian & I are both very good at math) & is getting better with his writing practice.  AJ is also starting to learn how to read.  He can recognize around 10 sight words & he's adding 2-3 per week.  He can read short books to us & that really makes me so happy.  AJ also seems to have inherited a love for reading (again no surprise) & I love watching him develop those skills!

Disney World was an amazing week for AJ!  I still hope to blog our trip, or at least get our pictures up on Facebook soon.  For now, a few of AJ's favorite parts of the trip.  He loved meeting all the characters & getting his autograph book signed.  His favorites were Goofy & Donald.  He also loved every single ride we went on.  His favorites were Everest at Animal Kingdom because "the gorilla (yeti) came out & broke the tracks so we had to go backwards," Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom, Haunted Mansion at Magic Kingdom & Toy Story Mania at Hollywood Studios.  I think he also enjoyed watching the shows, especially the one at the castle in Magic Kingdom, & the parades, especially the Animal Kingdom one.  He is still using most of his souvenirs & asking when we can go back.

 Finally AJ & Daniel were both ring bearers in Carl & Sarah's wedding.  They were adorable!!  They both looked great in their suits & were on their best behavior that day.  They started down the aisle & looked a little nervous, but then they saw me & calmed down.  They started out walking nice & ended up running/galloping down the aisle.  AJ threw his pillow at one point too, which was very cute.  Numerous people commented (& I agree) that their walk was totally "them."  :)

AJ in his tux at the wedding, with Grandpa's cake pop

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