Friday, October 19, 2012

Daniel Update

Daniel continues to be a typical 3 year old, loving & fun one minute, in time out the next.  :)  He has had the same 3 big things going on that AJ has:  school, Disney World & Uncle Carl's wedding.  He also says some of the funniest things in this house.

Daniel has been loving going to Eastpoint Church's preschool.  This is a new program so we weren't sure how it would go, but it has been amazing.  He loves his teacher (so do I!) & is learning a ton.  He's able to recognize his name & a lot of his letters already.  His favorite times at school seems to be snack & recess since those are the only things I hear about.  He's especially excited when he gets fruit snacks for snack since that means he gets more than his daily allowance of them.

Daniel had a blast at Disney World despite being 39 3/4 inches tall & missing a few of the rides he was excited for.  He was especially bummed to miss the Star Wars ride at Hollywood Studios but thankfully a show started soon after we sat down so the crisis was averted.  His favorite ride by far was the Haunted Mansion, it even inspired his Halloween costume of being a ghost.  He also really enjoyed Goofy's roller coaster & Toy Story Mania.  Daniel really enjoyed all the parades & shows & meeting all the characters.  He especially liked meeting Jake from "Jake & the Neverland Pirates" while wearing a shirt with a picture of Jake on.

Finally, here is my favorite Daniel story from the past month.  He had "homework" to bring in something that represented what his Mom and/or Dad do for a job.  So we sent their toy laptop because "Daddy's job is to play with computers all day."  And we sent a pair of Mr Potato Head arms because "Mommy's job is to use her hands to talk to dead people."  :)  Good thing I sent a note to tell the teacher what I really did!

Daniel in his tux at the wedding.  It appears he grew a little from when we tried it on.  Bet he makes 40 inches now!

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