Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Summer Rewind

Well, I can't believe summer is pretty much over for us.  The boys started back to school last week & this week they started all their fall activities (gymnastics, soccer & AWANA).  We had so much fun this summer & I didn't have time to blog most of it so this is a short summary.

Our summer kinda had a few stages.  We started with a few weeks of nothing planned, just doing what we wanted.  Then we had a few scheduled activities including VBS, soccer camp & Safety Town.  We then had another few weeks of nothing, then family came to visit us for 2 weeks.  We ended with one more unscheduled week & now we are back to our fall routine.  However, the routine won't last very long because we leave for Disney World tomorrow!  I will try to blog that trip as we go, but will see how it goes.

I was SO pleased with the scheduled activities that we did this summer.  We started with a week at Epiphany Lutheran Church for Sky VBS.  I signed the boys up for this because all of my friends were going & I thought it would be fun.  I was really impressed with their program & how much the boys enjoyed it.  They came home excited to go back every day & learned all the songs from the program.  We still listen to them.  The next week was soccer camp with Ohio South Youth Soccer Association.  Again, one of my friends was doing this & she was telling me how cheap it was & that both boys could play at the same time.  I thought it sounded good so we tried it.  I was again very impressed with how well this camp ran, especially since 2 of the 5 days it was 100*.  The coaches were great with the kids & the boys loved it!  After that we were back to VBS, this time Babylon at Tri-Village Church.  This program was really great as well although I don't think the boys enjoyed it as much as Sky.  I think the difference is that Epiphany only has VBS up to age 6 so it is totally catered to the younger set whereas most other churches have a wider age range.  The boys did enjoy Babylon & learned a lot at both VBS.  Finally AJ had Safety Town.  I forgot to sign him up for this & by the time I did the only town that had openings was New Albany.  It was little more expensive than other towns, but he got a lot more too.  He had 2 weeks of learning all about safety including bike safety, water safety, bus safety, stranger danger & animal safety.  He also got to tour the local police station & fire station.  Again, super impressed with this program.  I plan to sign the boys up for all 4 programs again next year.

On some of our unscheduled weeks, we enjoyed spending time with our friends.  We did a lot of play dates at our house & at our friends' houses.  We also went to the local parks (when it wasn't too hot!), Gym Skills for their open gym & Kingdom of Bounce for open bounce.  I started going back to the gym so some days we went there to play.  We also had a few lazy days where we just hung at home & played & watched TV.

We did a few big day trips this summer as well.  We spent a day at the Ohio State fair where we rode a ton of rides & ate a ton of food.  The boys loved the frog hopper & the ferris wheel & I loved the fried Buckeyes.  We also spent a day at Kings Island with a big group of family.  AJ & Daniel loved the log flume & we rode that a ton of times.  We also enjoyed our time in the wave pool in the water park.  Zak got to have some fun there & rode his first ride & went in the pools with us.  We spent a day at Entertrainment Junction.  They have a huge train display, play area for the kids & a fun house area with different circus themed things.  The boys had a blast running thru the different mazes in the fun house area.  Finally we took 3 different trips to the zoo.  I wasn't brave enough to do the zoo on my own this summer, too many kids to push/pull so I only went when I had help.

All in all it was a great summer!  I really enjoyed my time with the boys, especially since school kept looming in the fall.  Now we have a very busy fall planned, typically our favorite season of the year.  We'll do apple & pumpkin picking, corn mazes and Halloween events.  Plus we have our trip to Disney & Carl's wedding.  Before I know it this year will be over!

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