Monday, August 27, 2012

1/2 Marathon Training - Week 11 & 12

Had another 2 good weeks with my 1/2 marathon training, although my weight loss & exercise haven't been what I would like them to be.  We are just in a super busy season of our lives right now.  School started last week & the 10 days before that I just really wanted to spend as much time with my boys as possible.  We are also gearing up for a trip to Disney World this week so as any parent knows this is a full time job for me right now.  I've decided to only focus on my marathon training for now, the calorie counting & cross training is on hold until I get back for Florida.  I didn't make my goal weight, but I am able to fit into pre-AJ clothes right now so I'll take that win!!

I had 2 races this weekend & while they were totally different, both were a ton of fun!  Saturday night Adrian & I ran the "Tap N Run" which is a beer chugging event with a little running/walking thrown in.  :)  We enjoyed walking through downtown & talking without the little ones around...and we also enjoyed the beers & the buzz that followed.  It was a 4K (2.75 miles) & we did it in about 45 minutes, so about a 16:00 minute mile.  Adrian commented a few times about how impressed he was with my pace, this made me feel awesome!

Adrian & I with our finals beers

The second race was the Emerald City 1/4 marathon (6.55) Sunday morning.  I did this one with 2 of my friends from my MIT group.  We started out a little faster than we thought we would, but felt good with our pace so decided to go with it for as long as we could, which was pretty much the whole race.  We loved this course, very flat, quiet & beautiful!  I finished in 1 hour 43 minutes which is 13 minutes faster than my last 1/4 marathon.  I am so pleased with my pace & finish time!!  I have at least 1, maybe 2, more 10K races before the 1/2 so I'll be looking to get those down to under 1:40.

Jeff, Tammy & I after Emerald City

Here's my training for the past 2 weeks:

8/13 – Zumba class
8/14 – Zumba class, 2 miles on treadmill
8/15 – rest
8/16 – bike 20 mins, 3 miles on treadmill
8/17 – rest
8/18 – 8 miles on the trail with MIT plus a family trip to the zoo
8/19 – rest
8/20 – 2 miles on treadmill, bike 20 mins
8/21 – rest
8/22 – rest
8/23 – 3 miles on treadmill
8/24 – rest
8/25 – Tap N Run race, 2.75 miles downtown
8/26 – Emerald City 1/4 marathon, 6.55 miles in Dublin, OH
My bling from the weekend

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