Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Keeping Up With...Family (Memorial Day Weekend)

We had a fun filled and also relaxing Memorial Day weekend.  It is the unofficial kick off to the summer, although it didn't really feel like it this year since the boys still have school this week.  Next weekend feels like our summer kick off.

The weekend started Friday night with Adrian and I going out to dinner to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary (May 27, 2006).  My in-laws were able to come in and stay with the boys.  We headed to Easton to a steakhouse Adrian has been wanting to try, Texas de Brazil.  It is basically a meat buffet, with guys walking around with all kinds of meat and serving it to you.  It was delicious!  We overate and then tried to walk some of it off on a gorgeous night around Easton.  We ended the night with a few drinks at Carl & Sarah's house.

Saturday morning was the first morning we haven't had swim lessons in months.  It felt great to sleep in and not have any place to be!  We had a relaxing morning then started getting ready to head to Coshocton for our friends' wedding.  We had a fun time celebrating David & Juanita getting married (again).  The boys especially enjoyed the candy bar...and that they basically had candy & cake for dinner.  They were a little overwhelmed with the music and didn't really dance much.  But we all still had a great time!
Daniel loved these sunglasses!
Daniel & his buddy Nathan (his mom is the bride)
Zak playing guitar to get the party started
Me and the beautiful bride
Sunday we had designated as a day of recovery and a day of catch up around the house.  It wasn't a super fun day, but we got a ton of stuff done.  Daniel finished his homework log for the year, AJ made some progress on learning how to ride his bike & Adrian & I did a TON around the house!

Monday I was teaching in the morning, then we were going to head to Zoombeezi Bay for the first time of the year.  The weather forecast wasn't great, good chance of thunderstorms the entire time we would be at the park.  We decided to skip the park and have another "stay home day."  I had a blast teaching Zumba in the morning and catching up with some Zumba friends.  Then we played some board games, video games, practiced riding our bikes and got a few more things done around the house.  The weather turned out to be OK and we could have gone to the water park, but I was glad for the extra day to relax.
The talented instructors I was blessed to teach with on Monday
All in all it was a very fun and productive weekend!  We made some plans for our summer and are ready to finish up this last week of school and have some fun!

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