Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Keeping Up With...Family (Celebration Weekend!)

Two weekends ago was a busy one for us!  We had lots of fun things to celebrate.  It was both Mother's Day and Adrian's birthday.  We also were invited to a birthday party for one of Daniel's friends.  We wanted to go away at first, but that wasn't going to work out for that weekend so we improvised instead.

We spent Friday night relaxing and recuperating from a very busy week.  We hung out with some friends after school, enjoying the beautiful weather.  We ordered dinner for everyone (Jet's pizza - yay!) and just lounged around playing video games and watching TV then sent the boys to bed early.  Adrian and I caught up on some DVR shows and also headed to bed early.

Saturday morning we let the boys blow off swim lessons and we had a relaxing start to our weekend.  The boys couldn't wait to give us their presents so we opened everything Saturday morning.  AJ and Daniel each made me a book for Mother's Day in school.  AJ also made a ceramic bowl & tissue paper flower.  They bought me a Donkey Kong video game (Daniel), Sorry board game (AJ), Paw Patrol board game (Zak), food processor & new essential oil diffuser (Adrian).  For Adrian, they bought Lego Lord of the Rings (Daniel), The Hobbit movie (AJ), new trucks (Zak) and a Blue Ray player for his new TV (me).  We spent the rest of the day playing with our new toys and games, playing outside and enjoying being together as a family.
My homemade gifts from the boys
Sunday I got up and cooked Adrian breakfast.  Then I headed out for Anna's birthday party with Daniel at Magic Mountain.  I had a fun time hanging out with a few of the other moms while the kids ran around playing.  We planned to take everyone on the go karts, but since I had on flip flops they wouldn't let me so Daniel rode with one of the other dads.  Soon after we headed home to finish celebrating with the family.  Adrian cooked dinner and we had (more) birthday cake.  Adrian and I also enjoyed half price Frappacinos both days - the new S'Mores ones are delicious!
Happy Birthday Anna!
Daniel's first time on go carts
It was a weird weekend for us since we didn't really celebrate on the actual day of Adrian's birthday or Mother's Day.  We actually both did quite a bit of work on that day.  But we made up for it on Saturday and then this weekend we finally were able to get away as a family.  Recap on that coming soon!!

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