Monday, October 21, 2013

Zachary - Terrible Twos!

Happy 2nd Birthday to Zachary!! 

Wait, what do you mean it's not February??  Zak's not 2 yet??  We still have 4 more months until the "terrible twos" officially start?  O.M.G.

In all seriousness, I never believed in the terrible twos.  For me it was always to treacherous terrible threes.  Both of the other boys were fine at 2 and a nightmare at 3.  But Zak seems to have hit this phase much earlier.  I guess it's having 2 big brothers to show him the ropes.

Some of his antics include:
  • Climbing on toys to change our thermostat
  • Using the step stool to play in (and make a mess in) dish water
  • Climbing on the counters to get to his vitamins
  • Torturing his brothers (especially Daniel)
  • Stealing food off of everyone's plate (yet not eating what he has even if it's the same thing!)
  • Coloring on walls, tables, screens, etc
  • Not napping
He also did this on the way home from grocery shopping:
That sucker was really stuck in his hair!
But he's also a cutie.  He continues to be so verbal it amazes me.  He repeats everything everyone says.  He loves being outside and playing with his brothers.  His newest obsession is our sidewalk chalk.  He loves to color on our driveway, deck and garage floor (as well as a few places he's not supposed to - see above).  He has a new friend at the gym, he spends most of his time playing with a little girl whose mom takes my classes.  He continues to grow & amaze me every day.

Here are a few better pictures of Zak from the past month:
Picking the perfect pumpkin!
Cheesing after we picked up AJ from school
Mom, can I have an apple??

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