Sunday, July 26, 2015

Keeping Up With...Family (Summer Week 6 - July 4 - July 10)

Last week we started our 4th of July celebration and we continued that on the actual day on Saturday.  We started Saturday at the Westerville parade where everyone had a pretty good time watching it and fighting for candy.  Not as much candy as I remember in the past, but more than enough for my boys.  After that we headed to Carl's house for an awesome dinner.  We ended the day with more fireworks in New Albany.  So much fun celebrating!!
Cousins watching the parade

My guys at the parade
Sparkler fun at the fireworks!
 Sunday we had a recovery day and finished up everything that was on our to do list.  We are leaving for vacation later this week and in addition to our normal weekly stuff, there was a lot of extra stuff to get ready for that.  Actually other than getting to my Zumba classes, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty much devoted to getting ready to leave.  We had stuff around the house to do, food to make and packing to do.  It was also rainy a lot of those days so the boys spent a lot of time relaxing, watching TV and playing video games.

Thursday we were up bright and early and on the road to Indiana.  We did a great job of having just about everything ready and packed up Wednesday night so Thursday was very easy.  The drive went pretty smoothly, only one potty accident the whole ride.  We stopped at McDonald's for lunch where the boys got Minions toys in their Happy Meals.  We instantly regretted this decision as the toys talked and laughed the rest of the drive.  Never get noisy toys on a road trip!!
Ready for a road trip!
We gained an hour thanks to the time change to Central time and got to Lake Rudolph Campground around 3:00 on Thursday.  Adrian started setting up our camp while I took the boys to play mini golf  and at the playground.  After we were all set up and super hot and sweaty, we put on our bathing suits and headed up to their awesome pool.  We had a great time swimming around and cooling off...especially Zak who could touch in the shallow end and didn't need a life jacket.  He was very excited about this milestone.

I had made shake & bake chicken & potato salad at home for our dinner that night but we quickly decided that pizza and ice cream was a way more fun way to start our vacation.  We ate that, played some more at the pool and the other play ground and finally made our way back to the camp site.  We all turned in early since it was a long day for us and felt longer with the time change.

Friday started very early and was a full day so I think it deserves a separate post.  Stay tuned!!

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