Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Week of AJ

Last week was a very big week for AJ! 

First, on Wednesday, May 30 he graduated from Flying Colors Preschool.  They had a cute & simple ceremony.  The kids walked in to the graduation music in adorable hats (I cried).  Then the kids that are moving on to Kindergarten, including AJ, got a diploma from their teacher (I cried).  Finally, the kids sang & signed 2 songs for the parents (I cried).  I'm working on getting through our pictures, but here is one of them walking in.

Then on Saturday, June 2, AJ celebrated his 5th birthday!!  We had a party that day for some of his friends.  The weather didn't really cooperate so we had a mostly indoor party.  The kids still played mostly outside, and in the pools we had set up.  Everyone had a great day!  Here is a picture of the boys & the cake.

We are SO proud of AJ & the little man he is becoming.  He says & does funny things on a daily basis.  My favorite memory (other than these 2) of the past few weeks was just last Friday.  Zak woke up crying & I got up & was quickly getting ready for the day.  I turned off his monitor so I didn't have to listen to him cry.  When I went in to get him, AJ was in there, leaning into the crib & rubbing Zak's back.  He had turned on his crib music toy as well.  When he saw me he told me he was trying to help calm Zachary down.  It was very, very sweet.  :)

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