Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Recovery Week

Welcome to our blog! I decided to start this a few months ago & have finally decided to try to add some posts. I wanted to start this to keep family updated on what we are doing out here in Ohio. I also hope to use it as a memory book for myself & the boys. I have no idea how often I will post, or how long I will keep this up. I'm hoping for at least once a week, but we'll see how much time I really have.

This past week I have been calling our "recovery" week. We were in NJ 2 weeks ago & have needed the whole week to recover & get back to normal life. Adrian & AJ both played hooky on Mon since we got in late Sun night. We enjoyed the day at home together, probably too much, since we barely got any unpacking done. The rest of the week was spent trying to get back on our schedule with Adrian & I working, AJ going to school, Daniel going to soccer & various play dates & Zachary on a schedule period. Next week is our first full week with all of our activities since Zak got here, it should be interesting.

It amazes me that I now need a week to recover from a week long vacation. I'll be honest, I'm probably going to need more than a week. As I type, there is still mail to be sorted, bags to be unpacked, thank yous to write...not to mention normal house running things like cleaning. Oh well, I guess it will get done some day.

I hope you enjoy taking this journey with us & "Keeping up with the Joneses."

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