Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Favorite Moments in NJ

So I don't forget them, here in no particular order are some of my favorite moments from our trip to NJ last week:

- Seeing AJ & Daniel running around on the sand & in the water in Seaside.

- Watching the boys get to know our extended family & friends who live there. It was great to see everyone & I'm so thankful everyone made the time to spend time with us while we were there.

- Hearing Daniel, AJ & Pop interact, especially when Daniel called him "Great Pop." Then hearing Pop still be excited about it a week later

- Taking the boys out to a hibachi dinner with us for my birthday

- Meeting my beautiful niece, Isabelle

- Going out for drinks with great friends from high school not once but twice!

- Catching up with a friend from college that I haven't seen since 1998 & meeting her beautiful family

- Watching my kids play with my friends' kids

- Introducing Zachary to everyone & hearing how he's so cute, such a good baby, looks just like me & the other boys, etc. It never gets old hearing how great your kids are.

- Having Sunday family dinner with my Aumente side of the family & laughing SO hard it hurt. I'm still looking for more forks so the mafia doesn't get me!

- Saying my own private good bye to my grandmother, since I was unable to travel for the funeral. So grateful we were able to stay in her house for the week. I feel like she was with us the whole vacation & that she got to know my boys a little better.

- AJ grabbing my hand as we got ready to leave the beach on Friday saying "Mom, thanks for taking me here & letting me play in the water. Can we come back another time with everyone when it's warmer so we can play more?" I still get teary thinking about this for so many reasons.

- Eating REAL pizza, bagels, sub sandwiches & funnel cake on the board walk...and so many other yummy things although ironically no pork roll.

There were so many great moments the whole week, this is just a quick snapshot of my mind. Above is a picture of all of us on the boardwalk in Seaside. More pictures will be up on Facebook, eventually.

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